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CCXG Oct 2019 LT-LEDS - Process, elements and current experience - Marcia Rocha


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CCXG Oct 2019 LT-LEDS - Process, elements and current experience - Marcia Rocha

Published in: Environment
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CCXG Oct 2019 LT-LEDS - Process, elements and current experience - Marcia Rocha

  1. 1. Climate Change Expert Group LT-LEDS – process, elements and current experience CCXG Global Forum on the Environment and Climate Change October 2019 Based on: Rocha, M & Falduto, C (2019) Key questions guiding the process of setting up long-term low-emissions development strategies
  2. 2. 2 Climate Change Expert Group Ensure transformational change in key sectors Transformation Help attract international support International Support Bring up the case for a low- emissions development across different stakeholders Stakeholder Ensure effective alignment of diverse policies Policy Alignment Enhance trust across countries and improve the credibility of international commitments Trust Developing a LT-LEDS represents an opportunity for governments
  3. 3. 3 Climate Change Expert Group • Define a special body to coordinate • Process to engage stakeholders • Political leadership Setting up the LT-LEDS governance • Vision • Setting up targets • Financial strategy • Ensure policy alignments Developing the Strategy • Roles and responsibilities for implementation • Define monitoring system • Plans for revision Planning ahead The LT-LEDS process • Map existing strategies • Map institutional arrangements • Map existing policies Getting started
  4. 4. 4 Climate Change Expert Group Potential elements of an LT-LEDS A mid-century timeframe for the strategy Long-term vision Quantifiable economy-wide long-term GHG emissions reductions target. Mitigation Integrate climate action, development and well- being goals Well-being & development Critical component for holistic approach to transition Adaptation & resilience Implementation and monitoring In support of implementation of the transition to a low- emission economy Finance & Investments strategies Key to create trust in the process Implementation & Monitoring
  5. 5. 5 Climate Change Expert Group Focus on climate mitigation Most LT-LEDS lay out a vision that focuses towards low-emission development. Eleven strategies set quantifiable GHG emissions reduction targets, and two countries aim at reaching net-zero GHG emissions by mid-century. Comprehensive sectoral coverage All the LT-LEDS propose multi-sectoral plans, and all the strategies include at least the energy and/or electricity sector. Weak linkages with NDCs, SDGs and other goals Three LT-LEDS contain strong linkages with the country’s NDC, five LT-LEDS with the SGDs; linkages to development targets beyond climate change mitigation or adaptation are often lacking. LT-LEDS to date GHG
  6. 6. 6 Climate Change Expert Group  Crucial to strengthen the links between LT-LEDS and NDCs over time;  Synergies with other societal goals (well- being, SDGs, adaptation) are still under- explored;  With momentum growing for Parties to prepare and submit their LT-LEDS, there is large potential for sharing knowledge and best practice in the field. Conclusions
  7. 7. 7 Climate Change Expert Group Thank you!