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CCXG March 2019 Romell Antonio Cucenca Updating NDCs


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CCXG March 2019 Romell Antonio Cucenca Updating NDCs

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CCXG March 2019 Romell Antonio Cucenca Updating NDCs

  1. 1. The Philippines and the NDC Partnership ROMELL ANTONIO O. CUENCA Deputy Executive Director Climate Change Commission Philippines
  2. 2. Developing the Philippine NDC ADAPTATION as the anchor strategy Social Considerations Sustainable industrial development Poverty eradication and provision of basic needs Securing social and climate justice Energy security
  3. 3. Developing the Philippine NDC REVISIT RECONSTRUCT REPORT REDEFINE Revisit the parameters of the INDC submitted to UNFCCC last 15 October 2015 and assess applicability to the NDC Recalculate based on updated methodologies, assumptions, parameters, and adaptation and mitigation options Regular reporting of NDC every 5 years, with the first one by 2020, and the development of the M&E / MRV system to monitor and track progress Redefine national, sub-national, and local development targets pursuant to the NDC, as reflected in the relevant planning instruments
  4. 4. NDCP Engagement Timeline RP formally expressed its intention to join the NDC Partnership (21 May) NDC Partnership Mission Meets SLL (21 June) NDC Partnership Mission Scoping Meeting (19 June) 1st Coordination Meeting (8 June) 2nd Coordination Meeting (28 June) Agency House to-House to gather sectoral priority areas for support (6-10 July) RP forwarded the consolidated priority areas for support to the NDC Partnership (11 September) NDC Partnership provided the consolidated response to RP’s request for support (12 November) CCC and NDCP Support Unit met at COP24 to reiterate priorities and reaffirm support (8 November) NDC Partnership communicated the next steps in the country engagement (8 January) 2 0 1 8 2 0 1 9
  5. 5. Next Steps Development of the Partnership Plan on April 2019 Cross-cutting Best Practices and Knowledge Sharing Stage 1: Country Request for Support Stage 2: Rapid Assessment and Support Development Stage 3: Partnership Plan Design with Service Offerings Stage 4: Facilitation and Coordination Across the Partnership Continuum, as Needed Stage 5: Assessment and Situational Re-Appraisal IN-COUNTRY ENGAGEMENT PROCESS
  6. 6. Priority Areas in the Energy Sector Enhance the GHG inventory reporting system Develop and implement mitigation actions Assess the impacts of mitigation actions Assess the risks, vulnerability, reliability and resiliency of the energy sector Establish monitoring and evaluation system for the tracking of the implementation and assessment of the effectiveness of adaptation actions MITIGATION ADAPTATION