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CCXG Forum, March 2023, Paula Sanmiguel

  1. Structuring impactful technical and political ouputs for a successful GST 1: Let’s not miss this chance Paula Sanmiguel – Colombia Global Forum on the Environment and Climate Change 21 – 22nd March 2023 DIESA/GAA
  2. Titular de diapositiva GST Main Guidelines Stocktaking excercise to (Art. 14): - Access collective progress towards the achievement of the purpose of the PA. - Consider Mitigation, Adaptation, Means of Implementation and Support (in light of Equity and, Best Available Science) – L+D and RM (2018). - Inform Parties in updating and enhancing in a nationally determined manner, their actions and support in accordance with the relevant provisions of this (PA) Agreement - Enhance international cooperation for climate action.
  3. Titular de diapositiva GST: What for? 1. To inform: Offer reflections and a diagnosis of state of implementation. Science-based evidence at the center of the GST, and Equity in a context of sustainable development and efforts to erradicate poverty. 2. To hold Parties accountable: Established process (5- year cycle) that needs to have a legitimate outcome. Will inform other GSTs and lessons learned will serve for next GST cycles. 3. To guide and catalyze action: GST1 findings can be used to 1. Identify best opportunities and practices from key areas to enhance support and action* 2. Extract common political messages critical to inspire momentum.
  4. Translation into action
  5. 1. Active involvement of all Parties to create “sense of belonging”, added to inputs of other stakeholders. Use key scenarios to test expectations and build momentum during the early awareness- building phase. 2. Link challenges identified and gaps in implementation of the PA to enabling conditions –access to adequate means of implementation, capacity- building to better align policies and national actions- Identify also challenges for these enabling conditions to be unlocked. 3. Translate into decisions that can focus on a set of policy opportunities and potent levers for transformational change to achieve an impactful outcome in this critical decade and beyond. (Close the ambition gap).
  6. Titular de diapositiva Some elements to consider for decision-making: CMA decision with strong messages about the changes in the different sectoral systems needed based in scientific findings and equitable development as pillars. Political Declaration with overarching elements for ambition and implementation of the Paris Agreement, including need for enhanced support for all core elements addressed by GST. Technical Annex with a systematic selection of actions and opportunities in different sectors, with extensive technical references and detailed enablers. It should provide the Parties with concrete technical guidelines that can lead to updated NDCs, following paths compatible with the objectives of the Paris Agreement.
  7. Additional comments • Existing initiatives and dialogue between initiatives to avoid duplication and enhance better understanding of criticial challenges. • Reflect and identify effectively how the GST will address adaptation and loss and damage, and finance (do we have enough input?)
  8. THANK YOU Views expressed are my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Government of Colombia