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6 item4 env_regulation_ukraine


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Presentation on SME Greening in Ukraine

Published in: Environment
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6 item4 env_regulation_ukraine

  1. 1. SME Greening Strategy
  2. 2. 2 SME Strategy: 3 key steps Improvement of the regulatory framework Promotion of a business support structure network Enhance entrepreneurship & innovation Enhance growth & competitiveness for EU trade/accession  Establish an Ukrainian SME Initiative (Agency)  Capacity Building of existing and support of new SME service providers  Interfaces and synergy effects with other programmes (i.e. EU SURE)  Input for reforms  Coordination with other reform programmes (Strategy 2020) Cross-cutting strategy 2015/2016 and ongoing from 2016 from 2017 from 2017  Awareness raising initiatives  Promotion of education & training (On/Offline)  Provision of infrastructure (Start- up center)  Interfaces with EU programmes  Information about EU opportunities  Standards & Certification  Matchmaking (B2B)  Trade and Export promotion  Interfaces with EU programmes 3) SME Support Programme1) Framework 2) Institutional Strenghtening
  3. 3. 3 Creating conditions for SMEs 2 “pain points” • Inefficient regulation • Waste management not performing – only 4% recycling Tools to address • Simplified regulatory regime for SMEs (low-risk facilities) • National strategy and action plan of waste management
  4. 4. 4 SME Support Programs Start-Up & Entrepreneurship Promotion “Fit for Europe” – Competitiveness & Market access (DCFTA) Access to Finance Green SME development Young entrepreneurs, innovative companies, women, unemployed persons Micro, small and medium sized companies Small & middle sized companies Middle sized companies (energy efficiency), new technology firms 1 2 3 4
  5. 5. 5 Green SME development Competitiveness Access to European Markets through environmental management standards New Business Models Access to finance for resource and energy efficiency investments Cost savings through resource and energy efficient manufacturing Job Creation Green Job Initiative Environmental Business Service Providers Green Entrepreneurship Promotion Innovation Eco-Innovation/ Environmental Technology Transfer Cluster Promotion for Eco-Industries Environmental Technology Certification / Eco-Labeling SME training for resource/ energy efficiency Objective: Increase competitiveness and job creation through environmentally sound production practices 4 Promotion of eco-Innovation and learn about environmental management/ technologies Increase competitiveness of SME Create jobs in green industries and green business services
  6. 6. 6 Green SME development4 Intervention area Project Activities Partner/Provider Time frame Job creation / Innovation Awareness campaigns Information, advice and guidance on business benefits of improved environmental performance (on waste disposal, product design, process efficiency) SMEDA, public bodies From 2016 Competitiveness Green Certification Sector-specific green certification of business practice Eco-label schemes SMEDA, public bodies From 2016 Competitiveness Eco-Industry Networks Promotion of green SME behaviour Demonstration of good practices Cross-country partnership between networks SMEDA, public bodies From 2017 Innovation Resource Efficiency Program Loans for resource & energy efficiency and renewable energy Voucher for consulting and advice on resource efficiency SME Training on resource efficiency (excellence and learning center) SMEDA, public bodies From 2017 Potential Projects