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W4 Lucienne De Clercq - Building bridges


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Material of the 10th Annual meeting of the OECD LEED Forum on Partnerships and Local Development |23-25 April 2014 | Stockholm, Sweden
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W4 Lucienne De Clercq - Building bridges

  1. 1. PrIMA Building bridges
  2. 2. PrIMA Process Industry Maintenance Academy •Getting together •Starting the project Diplomas vs competences, engagements Programmes, candidates, employers…. •The future: strength’s en weaknesses
  3. 3. PrIMA Port of Antwerp : Process industry vs Maintenance companies Common interest rules over differences Chamber of Commerce and the Industry: survey to get a profile of a maintenance technician 3 maintenance companies: Founding Partners VDAB and Talentenfabriek: recruting trainees CVO – APcollege of higher vocational education – VDAB – Business (and Industrial Partners) : programme
  4. 4. Partners in the project
  5. 5. Maintenance Compagnies PRIMA 5 + +
  6. 6. 6 industrial partners