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W4 anna ternberg


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W4 anna ternberg

  1. 1. • Higher education that offers programs outside of traditional universities and colleges • The content and goals of all programs are built on industry needs • Tight collaboration with the industry before, during and after the programs • 90% get a job, no matter what the area SHORT ABOUT SWEDISH VOCATIONAL SCHOOLS
  2. 2. Högskolan Yh The size of vocational schools SHORT ABOUT SWEDISH VOCATIONAL SCHOOLS Vocational Universities
  3. 3. Short history
  4. 4. 25 programs – 1800 students
  5. 5. Our view on vocational schools Our task is to match young people’s dreams with the industry’s demand for competence Nackademin
  6. 6. Our areas Construction, Information Technology, Design and Business/Communication Nackademin
  7. 7. The typical student Nackademin  22-30 years  Large variation between areas  30% has studied at universities before  7% are directly from High School  They are looking for a fast-track to get a job or jobs that are hard to reach with a university degree
  8. 8. System developer Construction-site leader 3D-graphics Developer of packaging Marketer in Social Media IT-consultant Example of jobs
  9. 9.  1-2 year programs  1/3 of the program is an internship  Last application date is in April  School starts in August Short facts
  10. 10.  Collaboration with the industry  Lecturers with both industry and theoretical knowledge  The possibility and demand to reinvent the program based on updated industry needs  Internship What makes it work?
  11. 11. Some of the companies in our management teams Nackademin
  12. 12.  Applications to the state based on industry needs  The state allocate funds  The programs are granted 2 years at a time to keep them relevant  The industry is involved throughout the program and the state evaluates the quality regularly The system
  13. 13. Questions?