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Daniela Luster-Hagedorn - Labour markets in times of ageing and shrinking


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Presentation by Daniela Luster-Hagedorn, Federal Employment Agency, Stuttgart, Germany

OECD LEED report on "Demographic change in the Netherlands: Strategies for resilient labour markets", presented in Utrecht on 20th June 2013.

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Daniela Luster-Hagedorn - Labour markets in times of ageing and shrinking

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  2. 2. Seite 2 Strong Southern region
  3. 3. Seite 3 Interpretation Information Innovation Interaction How can local strategies be developed in regional networks? Common data set / „language“ transparency on regional situation Common analysis and interpretation of the data Development and implementation of a common strategy and joint/coordinated action for the region Development of hypotheses and fields of action 1 4 2 3 Assisted by the platform
  4. 4. Seite 4Status: May 2013 Strategies of the employment agencies – promoting skilled labor and integration of long-term unemployed – accompanying transfer from school to job Preven- tion Matching Qualifi- cation Consul- tation Activation Net- working Greater support for women and keeping elderly persons longer in employment 27 equal opportunities staff and employer oriented staff promote a family-friendly HR policy Qualification consultation for small and medium-sized companies (demography, health management) Consultation for migrants regarding the recognition of foreign diplomas Reducing neediness 1200 citizens‘ work places 2,500 offers for elderly unemployed via the program 50plus Further training potentials 45,000 offers for employed and unemployed 3,000 offers for language training More direct access to training 220 measures for comprehensive competence analysis Employment entry support at 230 schools /4100 participants per year 6,900 training support staff (abH) Placement Jobs: more than 1 million job offers nationwide Intensive accompaniment for jobseekers with little chances Creating transparency on the labor market Labor market monitor in all 12 regions Cross-border labor market service in Upper Rhine and Lake Constance 57 consultants for migrants in Baden-Wurttemberg
  5. 5. Seite 5 WeGebAU - Results © Bundesagentur für Arbeit Analyses by the IAB show: Almost half of all companies know that BA supports the further training of older employees. Almost one quarter of the companies that knew WeGebAU made use of these funds. Microenterprises are particularly hard to reach with regards to on-the-job training. 85 percent of the companies that used WeGebAU rated the results positively.
  6. 6. Seite 6 Daniela Luster-Hagedorn Director Europe / Cross-Border Cooperation Manager EURES-T Upper Rhine Madame Le Secrétaire Général EURES-T Rhin Supérieur Telephone: +49 711 941 - 1044 Telefax: +49 711 941 - 1701627 E-Mail: Internet: Public Employment Service Germany Regional Department Baden-Wuerttemberg Hoelderlinstr. 36 70174 Stuttgart DEUTSCHLAND / GERMANY Thank you very much for your attention!