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Programme design and on activities aimed at involving stakeholders - by Iain Willox, Expert, COPIE


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Presentation from the capacity building seminar “Financing business start-up by under-represented groups”, 27-29 June 2012, Trento – Italy; organised by the Local Economic and Employment Development (LEED) Programme and its Trento Centre at the OECD in collaboration with the Directorate-General Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion of the European Commission. See

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Programme design and on activities aimed at involving stakeholders - by Iain Willox, Expert, COPIE

  1. 1. Entrepreneurship Action Planning –An outline of rationale, activities and impacts . Iain Willox
  2. 2. KEY Elements of Presentation•My Background•Rationale for intervention•Getting started•COPIE Example•Potential Impact
  3. 3. My background• Responsible for Enterprise services in Wales 1998-2007• EU-Coordinator for Community of Practice for inclusive Entrepreneurship and lead expert on Action planning
  4. 4. Rational for JointAction Planning • Lack of an integrated strategy • Short term and fragmented business support • Sharing of good practice is limited • Lack of data or robust impact assessment • Inconsistent public sector commitment to entrepreneurship
  5. 5. Getting started• Understanding the issues, creating a powerful inclusive alliance. The Entrepreneurship Steering Group.• Consulting widely and creating a vision “a bold and confident nation where entrepreneurship is valued, celebrated and exercised throughout society and in the widest range of economic circumstances”• Translating the vision into strategic aims
  6. 6. Getting started• Building the implementation plan.• Agreeing lead roles, targets ,costs, and impacts• Confirming integration between activities.• Carrying out baseline research• Cementing links with structural funds and domestic government funding.
  7. 7. Offering a helping hand to future Welsh stars
  9. 9. THE COMMUNITY OF PRACTICE ON INCLUSIVE ENTREPRENEURSHIP “A network of people actively involved in opening up entrepreneurship to all parts of society” ,
  10. 10. –Key facts about COPIE KEY FACTS ABOUT COPIE– ESF Learning Network; approved by DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion in April 2009– Common goal: Transformation of the policy environment so that entrepreneurship becomes a natural choice for people from all walks of life– Builds upon experience of the EU Community Initiative EQUAL and the results of a COPIE pilot initiative from 2006 – 2008– 10 national and regional partners across Europe
  11. 11. The COPIE Toolkit in Detail DEVELOP AN INCLUSIVE ENTREPRENEURSHIPCOPIE Tool: COPIE Diagnosis REGIONAL/NATIONAL POLICY FRAMEWORK Tool • map strength/weaknesses • develop concrete action plansENGAGE WITH IMPROVE THE CURRENT ENTREPRENEURSHIP SUPPORTSTAKEHOLDERS planning: INFRASTRUCTURECOPIE Tool: Action Priority Area: Priority Area: Quality Management /How to create a common vision Entrepreneurship Integrated Business Support Education COPIE Tool: COPIE Tool: COPIECOPIE Tool: Action planning: COPIE Tool: Entrepreneurship skills requirementsHow to build an integrated COPIE Business Education Diagnosis Tool survey for businesscampaign Advisor Profiling advisor COPIE Tool: Finland ESF COPIE Tool:COPIE Tool: Action planning: COPIE Tool: COPIE Entrepreneurship Case BusinessHow to agree an evaluation Study Business Advisor Advisor Trainingstrategy Self-help guide Priority Area: Access to Modules Finance Tool: Manual on COPIE Tool: COPIE COPIE Tool:COPIE Tool: Action planning: COPIE Business Advisor COPIEHow to plan for a legacy Access to Finance for Passport Resources map ESF Managing Authorities
  12. 12. Action Planning• Brings together key actors to develop consensus about the way forward.• Takes account of a variety of objectives that may be met by inclusive entrepreneurship• Builds ownership, clarifies roles and drives individual responsibility for action.
  13. 13. Who is involved?• Typical actors would be ESF Managing Authorities, Policy leads from member states/regional governments, business support organisations.• Approach has been tested with delegations from Asturias, Czech Republic, Flanders, Germany and Wallonia.
  14. 14. Baseline study• Separate interviews with key Government Departments, service providers and business organisations.• Analyse existing integrated enterprise policies for region and good practice elsewhere in EU.• Highlight shared policy priorities and future workplan within COPIE.
  15. 15. Approach AdoptedCritical areas for agreement between the actors are identified;• Creating a common vision,• Agreeing evaluation measures,• Sustaining cultural change,• Planning for legacy
  16. 16. Approach Adopted• For each agreed critical area International workshops are convened with key actors from every region to compare approaches, confirm common ground and agree roles for taking things forward.
  17. 17. Impact "COPIE provides a great opportunity to share knowledge and experience within the crucial area of inclusive entrepreneurship, thus facilitating efforts to ensure efficiency and a sustainable impact of the ESF."Filip Kučera,Ministry of Labour andSocial Affairs of the "Being member of COPIE providesCzech Republic you extra knowhow on how to tackle Joeri Colson, social exclusion." ESF Agency Flanders "The exchange of best practices between European regions opens the opportunity of facing the socio-economic downturn in a new way, leading to innovative solutions, especially for those who are on the most vulnerable side of the crisis." Noemi Iglesisas Rodriguez, Business Innovation Centre Galicia
  18. 18. Impact-Cultural change 57 Plenty of opportunities to 60 start a business if want to 63 Govt policies encourage 33 people to start new 47 2001 (February) business 50 2005 (May) Nov 05 & Mar 06 Where I live best way to 33 get sort of job want is to 43 start business 49 Its harder to succeed in 36Wales in running your own 24 business than rest of UK 21
  19. 19. Impact-EducationInvesting in education – Entrepreneurial corecompetencies, now part of the National Curriculum.Attitude – understanding yourself Creativity – generating ideas,and your motivation and setting solving problems and creatingand achieving your goals opportunitiesRelationships – expressing your Organisation – being able to makeown views and ideas, appreciating decisions and fulfil your objectivesothers’ viewpoints and working co- by planning and managingoperatively decisions, opportunities and risk
  20. 20. Impact –Increasing Diversity• • Creating a more diverse new generation• of entrepreneurs.• • 13288 clients assisted through Potentia• • 2562 new Business Starts after receiving• Potentia support• 3754 Jobs created from those starts
  21. 21. Impact -Starting Up •VAT Registrations - Highest stock for 10 years •2 highest registrations for 10 years in last 2 years •Rise three times UK average in 2005 •Source;VAT data 2005
  22. 22. Impact –Open to advice 37 Accountants 56 23 High street banks 46 28 Solicitors 31 37 Friends & family 28 2000 12 WDA 2005 24 13 Training providers 21 12 Local Authority 20 IT providers / 10 consultants 18 Beaufort Baseline and Follow up surveys 2000/2005
  23. 23. Impact Performancecomparison with othercountries•In 2000 the Welsh TEA was at 28 % ofthe average for this GEM – 18 groupwhilst in 2005 this had risen to 94%.• Since 2000 only 3 other nations haveshown an overall increase none of theseas great as in Wales which saw adoubling over the 5 year period.”Source; Wales GEM report 2005
  24. 24. • Thank you for listening, Any questions ?•