Davie Philip - Cultivating resilient communities


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Presentation by Davie Philip, Community Resilience Programme, Cultivate Living & Learning, Ireland.

9th Annual Meeting of the OECD LEED Forum on Partnerships and Local Governance (Dublin-Kilkenny, Ireland), 26/27 March 2013.


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Davie Philip - Cultivating resilient communities

  1. 1. 9th Annual Meeting IMPLEMENTING CHANGE: A NEW LOCAL AGENDA FOR JOBS AND GROWTHIn co-operation with the EU Presidency, Irish Government and Pobal 26-27 March 2013, Dublin-Kilkenny, IrelandWORKSHOP F: MAKING TRANSITION COMMUNITIES MORE RESILIENT Davie Philip Community Resilience Programme, Cultivate Living & Learning, Ireland
  2. 2. Cultivating Resilient CommunitiesDavie Philip, davie@cultivate.ie
  3. 3. ayans, we’re the an cient M – o il, Like ything in g p ea k ever d an d reach climat e, fo o pu lation, is wh etherla n d, po estion but the qu r w illwa ter – he cha nge o ca n man ag e t e us.” we nge s manag w e let t he cha Money, R TE to iams, Addicte d l Dav i d McWil
  4. 4. Resilience
  5. 5. Personal resilience is described as our ability to deal with trauma, tragedy, and all kinds of threats. ster w e will e are the fa esilien tw xperie nces. The m ore r m diffi cult e e bac k fro bo unc
  6. 6. Community resilience is the existence, development and engagement of community resources to thrive in a dynamic environment characterized by change,uncertainty, unpredictability and surprise. oppor tunity to take this things need to of doing ac k we ew way ounce b to a n ever w e cant b reakth rough How rd or b unce forwa bo
  7. 7. view re fers to munity point of ce from a com e with stress,Resilien munit y to cop capacit y of a com t to c h ange the sity and adap ov ercome adver p os i tivelyneeds• Inclusive, creative local cultures shaping a positive, welcoming sense ofplace• A localising economy that sustains food, energy water, housing and otherresources• Strong links to other places and communities
  8. 8. Cloughjordan A Resilient Village
  9. 9. Cloughjordanwww.thevillage.ie
  10. 10. www.thevillage.ie “The Village w ill serve as a mfor sustainabl od e l e living into t century a nd w he 21st education, en ill act as an terprise, rese and service re arch source for all”
  11. 11. Working Together In Irish the word Meitheal evokes the sense of community spirit that brings groups of neighbours and friends to work and create together.
  12. 12. Time Food SharingLand Tools
  13. 13. Gardening Together Farming Together CooperationLearning Together Playing Together
  14. 14. Community Supported Agriculture WWOOFERS Cloughjordan Community Farm
  15. 15. Community Supported Livelihoods
  16. 16. Community Celebration
  17. 17. Transition Initiatives an idea goes mainstream. www.transitionnetwork.org
  18. 18. Kinsale > Totnes > The World Now 3000 initiatives in over 34 countries practices se set of principles and oo ation and Transition M odel is a l e though experimentThe over tim er to buildthat have b een built up es as they work togeth uniti economy a nd reduceobservati on of comm n the local al resilienc e, strengthe loc carbon em issions.
  19. 19. ‘Transition Town’ is an inspiring vision and action plan for how a community can transition to an energy lean, carbon constrained, and relocalised future that isabundant, sustainable, pleasurable, and resilient.
  20. 20. Community ResilienceDavie Philip, davie@cultivate.ie