Dominik Zasadziński - Active 60+ programme


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Presentation by Mr. Dominik Zasadziński, Health and Social Affairs Unit, Department of Social Affairs, Łódź City Hall at the OECD LEED conference on "Demographic transition and ageing society - Implications for local labour markets" (Lodz, Poland), 21/-22 March 2013.

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Dominik Zasadziński - Active 60+ programme

  2. 2. “ACTIVE 60+” PROGRAMME Diagnosis of the problem Demographic background The population of Lodz is 774,000. Lodz has a dynamic student population, with 113 000 students in further education, but in 2010, 25% of the Lodz’s population consisted of people over 60. Lodz has the highest percentage of elderly citizens compared to other cities in Poland. This will rise to 33% by 2020. If external conditions remain unchanged, in 2030, senior citizens will form the majority of the city’s population.
  3. 3. “ACTIVE 60+” PROGRAMME Diagnosis of the problem Demographic background An analysis of Poland’s demographics shows that the Lodz administrative area (voivodeship) differs from other areas in Poland in age structure. Udział ludności w wieku 60 lat i więcej Senior citizens make up over 18% of the voivodeship population, more than w ogólnej liczbie ludności any other region in Poland. The dynamic of this aging process is characterised by a longer life expectancy.X II 2010) (stan w dniu 31 Łódź 25,2% Warszawa 24,0% Wrocław 22,6% Poznań 22,4% Kraków 22,1%
  4. 4. “ACTIVE 60+” PROGRAMME Diagnosis of the problem Activity of senior citizens – mapping the situation  There are several senior citizen clubs in culture centres, housing associations, parishes, and housing estates.  Also there are trade union organizations and additionally, several thousand senior citizens attend nine Universities of the third age.  There are non-governmental organizations created for and run by old age pensioners; they are also involved in history-related committee, societies and groups.
  5. 5. “ACTIVE 60+” PROGRAMME Diagnosis of the problem Diagnosed problems An analysis of senior citizen situation in revealed the following problems:  No database of information concerning organised activities for older members of society;  on a local level, o clear policy concerning the elderly  support and aid from the city only reached a narrow group of the elderly, mainly as social welfare;  the city does not offer actively interesting, interdisciplinary solutions aimed at senior citizens;  an inefficient use of existing local infrastructure and facilities, such as housing committees, schools, libraries and cultural centres.
  6. 6. “ACTIVE 60+” PROGRAMME The strategic goal of “Active 60+” programme: to stimulate and improve the quality of life of people over 60 living in the city of Lodz. Specific aims: 1. To develop and promote the idea of voluntary work and supporting local leaders working In the local 60+ communities. 2. Inter-generational integration and inter-generational flow of values. 3. To promote a positive and active image of senior citizens.
  7. 7. “ACTIVE 60+” PROGRAMME “Lodz Senior Citizen Centre” The framework of the programme “Active 60+” consist of: I. Creation of a “Lodz Senior Citizen Centre” – a focal point for the elderly The range of activities of the “Lodz Senior Citizen Centre” comprises: 1. initiating and supporting initiatives for senior citizens; 2. running an information point for senior citizens; 3. providing internet services addressed to senior citizens’ needs; 4. coordination of cooperation between seniors and the City Council; 5. initiating and supporting inter-generational programmes; 6. research and analysis of social needs within the senior community; 7. adopting activities for the development activation within the senior community; 8. promotion and support for voluntary work undertaken by senior citizens; 9. development of activities undertaken by senior citizens; 10. conducting advisory and client services for senior citizens;
  8. 8. “ACTIVE 60+” PROGRAMME Active Seniors Centres II. Undertaking to improve the quality of life of senior citizens in the whole of the city. The second important element of our programme is to introduce undertakings to improve the quality of life of senior citizens in the whole of the city. 1. District Active Seniors Centres  This activity will encompass the creation of regional Active Senior Citizen Centres. These centres will work towards all-round social integration for people over 60 in the areas where they reside. The centres are located in five regions in Lodz.  This is of a complex, interdisciplinary socio-educational project, the essence of which is to form habits of spending free time in an active and creative way, developing skills, coping strategies and adapting to modern life.  Through the outreach activities run by these centres, we also want to bring our senior citizens closer to the rich history of our city and its multiculturalism. Lodz was a multicultural and multinational city, built by Poles, Germans, Jews and Russians, and flourished until the outbreak of the World War II, and its traces are visible in the city even to this day.
  9. 9. “ACTIVE 60+” PROGRAMME Senior Clubs Creating and supporting the existing district Senior Clubs. An important aspect of our activity is the creation of additional Senior Clubs. This is particularly important, because Lodz is a vast city, and we hope to be able to support senior citizens through the Senior Clubs through our outreach programme. We want to use the already existing infrastructure more effectively to implement this programme. The clubs will be created using schools, town libraries and district councils, depending on the needs of specific communities.
  10. 10. “ACTIVE 60+” PROGRAMME The City Council of Seniors We also want to include the eldest generation in community life, in activities aimed at fulfilling their needs, and solving the main issues concerning the elderly. This is why the City Council of Seniors was set up. The City Council of Seniors is to be an advisory, initiative body, whose aim is to serve senior citizens by representing their interests before the local government. The City Council of Seniors – a bridge between citizens and local authorities. The Council will operate in the following areas: 1. supporting activities of the elderly 2. housing for senior citizens 3. promoting health of the elderly 4. preventing and eliminating the marginalisation of the elderly 5. dispelling stereotypes about the elderly and showing as people with valid opinions 6. offering different leisure activities and access to education and culture 7. supporting and making accessible various means of education for the elderly
  11. 11. “ACTIVE 60+” PROGRAMME City Seniors CardCity facilities more friendly to the elderly.The next step for making Lodz ‘senior citizen friendly’ will be to introduce the senior citizens card. The ‘City Seniors Card’ gives preferential access to city services. Senior citizens will have access to discounts, promotions and offers prepared for them by city institutions and companies. The card will entitle them to discounts connected with culture, tourism and sport.
  12. 12. “ACTIVE 60+” PROGRAMME Achievements Seniors Centre, Lodz City Council Since the beginning of 2012, when we managed to officially open the Lodz Seniors Centre, we have gradually been able to meet more and more of the needs of the elderly. Council of Seniors On 14th May 2012 we held elections for the City Council of Seniors. 88 senior citizens took part in the election meeting. They represented non- governmental organizations acting for the elderly, housing estate committees, university of the third age and senior citizen clubs. This is testament to the many elderly citizens who want to be actively involved in making a difference to the world around them. June will see the inauguration of the Council of Seniors.
  13. 13. “ACTIVE 60+” PROGRAMME Achievements Active Seniors Centres within districts of Lodz In February 2012 five district Active Seniors Centres were opened. Activities centres::  education, training (for example, computers, internet, foreign languages, lectures and basic law studies)  culture (for example, art workshops, pottery, theatre, drawing and painting lessons, ballroom dancing, photography, exhibitions, meetings with artists, politicians and scientists)  recreation (for example sports sessions, including rehabilitation, such as Nordic walking and gymnastics)  health and preventative medicine (for example instruction on how to lead a healthy lifestyle, meetings with doctors, dieticians and sportspersons)  guidance, consultation and information (for example legal advice, information about law and civic responsibilities in courts and public offices) Activities fitted to beneficiaries’ needs.
  14. 14. “ACTIVE 60+” PROGRAMME In 2013 we would like to introduce the following: 1. improving access to geriatric/ gerontological care; 2. introducing a programme supporting people over 55 on the labour market; 3. adapting infrastructure to senior citizens.
  15. 15. “ACTIVE 60+” PROGRAMME Conclusion  Systematic approach - the activities undertaken for senior citizens within the framework of the programme create conditions for a systems approach in Lodz to issues affecting the elderly.  Supporting and stimulating activities - We wish to contribute to the developing cooperation of institutions and organizations working with the over sixties. Implementation of the programme raises social awareness, highlights problems resulting from Lodz’s aging population, and helps to dispel stereotypes of old age and negative attitudes to senior citizens.  Improving quality of life - Our desire is to have a real impact on the quality of senior citizens’ life, as well as increasing their participation in society.
  16. 16. Thank you for your attention!Urząd Miasta ŁodziNazwa DepartamentuUrząd Miasta Łodzi ul. Piotrkowska 104 pokój 3 tel.: +48 650 48 39Nazwa Departamentu 93-036 tel.fax.: +48 650 48 38 email: