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The Education Policy Outlook

The Education Policy Outlook looks at countries’ education policies and practices and brings together OECD knowledge to serve policy makers

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The Education Policy Outlook

  2. 2. The Education Policy Outlook: an overview Bringing together OECD knowledge to serve policy makers Objectives Means Outcomes• Provide • Build on OECD • Country Profiles comparative work (GPS, NESLI, PISA, and Reforms analysis TALIS, CERI and thematic published online policy reports)• Identify trends, as developed policies and • Take a systematic throughout practices and 2013-2016 comprehensive• Analyse reform perspective (from options ECEC to tertiary) • Complete report• Facilitate • Provide a common to be published exchanges of every 2 years, framework starting in lessons November 2014
  3. 3. The Education Policy Outlook looks at countries’ education policies and practices Equity and School quality improvement A window into outcomes different countries Prepararingeducation systems by Evaluation and students for assessment the future looking at 6 policyareas that contribute to improveeducation outcomes
  4. 4. Education Policy Outlook: the series The series will contain 3 sections: Trends Country profiles Reforms• Analyse the Key Give an OECD Present country policy actions (in constructive perspective practices in selected recent years) across on countries education areas to understand countries policies: context, reform choices and• Present the future challenges and policy processes of issues oriented responses, including implementation. towards the future spotlights on promising practices.
  5. 5. Education Policy Outlook: country profiles For policy makers... Each profile reviews three questions: 1. Students: How to raise outcomes for all in terms of equity and quality and preparing students for the future? 2. Institutions: How to raise the quality of instruction through school improvement and evaluation and assessment? 3. Systems: How are governance and funding of education systems aligned to be effective?
  6. 6. Education Policy Outlook: Implementation of reforms For policy makers… Framework of analysisTopics for reform analysis in 2014: What is the challenge? How can countries introduce reforms that balance summative and formative functions of evaluation and assessment? What are the policy options? What strategies are appropriate for policy makers to support the development of innovative learning environments? How is the policy and implementation process?
  7. 7. Education Policy Outlook: stakeholder engagement •OECD Education Directorate: •Draft and complete the publication •Dissemination of key findings •Countries: •Oversight and guidance •Consultation to review and update information •Dissemination of key findings •Education stakeholders: •Consultation through OECD’s Business and Industry Advisory Committee and Trade Union Advisory Committee
  8. 8. For more information Beatriz Pont, Sr. Policy Analyst Sylvain Fraccola, Project Assistant

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The Education Policy Outlook looks at countries’ education policies and practices and brings together OECD knowledge to serve policy makers


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