Jaguar Land Rover Technical Accreditation Scheme


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“Presentation delivered at the UKCES-OECD workshop on “Employer Ownership: Strengthening Partnerships to Enhance Skills Investment” held on 16 November 2012 at the UK Skills Show, Birmingham, UK.”

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Jaguar Land Rover Technical Accreditation Scheme

  1. 1. Jaguar Land RoverTechnical Accreditation SchemeInnovation in Industry-University Partnership CPDJo LopesHead of Technical Excellence
  2. 2. Endorsed by Accredited by
  3. 3. JLR Engineering in Context Total Investment Employees Largest UK automotive employer £2bn 24,000 80,000 in supply chain, including 10,000 in dealerships JLR has pledged to invest this much in 2012/13 on 170,000 UK jobs supported in total (incl. wider CAPEX and R&D. economy Only car company researching, designing and manufacturing in the UK JLR is in the top 10 spenders on R&D across all sectors in the UKJLR Export Revenue UK Material Spend: >£5bn per annum£11.3bn (per annum) 50% of JLR’s UK Supply Chain is located in the West Midlands.JLR accounts for over 20% (£1.9bn) of total UK exports to China JLR plays a vital role in the UK’s economy and is looking to grow
  4. 4. Why has JLR done this? Up-Skilling for the Engineering Needed in 2010 to 2020 and Beyond• Invest in the capability of our people.• Offer to our staff business-needs driven education.• Engage with Universities.• Provide learning opportunities to our staff which are formally accredited.• Develop necessary skills. University Partners are: Warwick, Loughborough, Cranfield, Coventry, Bradford, Southampton & York
  5. 5. Technical ChallengesThe Consensus Product Roadmap describes the future direction to develop Low Carbon technologyproducts
  6. 6. Module List Technology Areas Module Groups Module Titles Key JLR SME / Lead University Provider M CATS New for 2011 / 2012 Powertrain Overview 3 day (unaccredited) Malcolm Sandford JLR Delivered 0 Vehicle & Powertrain Functional Performance Malcolm Sandford 20 Loughborough Sustainable Vehicle Powertrains Malcolm Sandford 20 Powertrain Transmission & Driveline Russell Osborn Cranfield 15 Powertrain and Hybrid Systems Alan Jones / Richard Clarke/ Steve Calibration and Emissions Loughborough 15 Richardson / Nick Wicks Hybrids Vehicle Technology 1 day (unaccredited) Mike Richardson Warwick 0 Hybrid Systems Hybrid System Technologies 15 Mike Richardson Warwick Practical Component Testing 15 CFD a Comprehensive Introduction 15 CFD CFD for Automotive Applications Adrian Gaylard Cranfield 10 CFD Automotive Applications Research Project 15 Advanced CAE (M44MAE) 15 Advanced Engineering Simulations (M01MAE) 15Virtual Engineering and Simulation Techniques Crash Simulation David Coleman Coventry Vehicle Structures & Impact (M23MAE) 15 Vehicle Body Structures & Analysis (M03MAE) 15 Advanced Engineering Analysis 10 David Coleman Advanced CAD / CAE Advanced CAE Applications Cranfield 10 CAE Applications & PLM Keith Rose 10 Modified Automotive Electrical Automotive Electrical & Electronics Overview 1 day (unaccredited) Peter Earp Warwick 0 Automotive Networking 15 Peter Earp Networks, Diagnostic & Test Automotive Diagnostics Warwick 15 Advanced Test Techniques for Electrical Systems and Software Alex Mouzakitis 15 Modified Control Systems 1 - Introduction to Design Methods 15 Electronics and Control Systems Ian Smith / Mike Richardson / Peter Control Systems Control Systems 2 - Use of Matlab / Simulink Coventry / Strathclyde 15 Wright Control Systems 3 -Design, Real-Time Systems and Implementation 15 System Modelling & Simulation System Modelling & Simulation Will Suart Warwick 15 New Robust Automotive Software Warwick 15 New Electronics Hardware and Software Robustness Kevin Talbot Robust Automotive Electronics Warwick 15 New Perceived Quality Principles Perceived Quality Principles Steve Smith Warwick 15 Advanced Joining of Metal Structures 1 day (unaccredited) Mike Shergold Warwick 0 Advanced Vehicle Structures Metal Forming and Joining Metal Forming 15 Mark White / Mike Shergold Warwick Automotive Body Joining for Lightweight Structures 15 Sustainable Product Design Sustainable Product Design TBC Loughborough 10 Sustainability and Materials Lightweight Materials Lightweight Materials for Auto Applications Andrew Haggie Warwick 15 Environmental Materials Material Sustainability and the Environment Andrew Haggie Loughborough 20 System Design 15 Systems Engineering Tony Harper / Peter Earp / Larry Martin Loughborough System Validation & Verification 15 Durability & Reliability 1 - Fundamentals (M39MAE) Julian Buckingham / David Boon / 15 Durability & Reliability Engineering Coventry Durability & Reliability 2 - Advanced Russell Osborn 15 HMI & Ergonomics Driver & Vehicle Ergonomics Chris Davies / Paul Herriotts Loughborough 15 Vehicle Engineering Design for Manufacture & Assembly Manufacturing Systems and Integrated Design Gurvinder Bisla Loughborough 20 Modified Vehicle Structures & Crash Vehicle Safety Jon Mabey Coventry 15 Standard Automotive NVH Awareness 4 day (unaccredited) Ashley Gillibrand Southampton 0 New Noise Vibration and Harshness Advanced Automotive NVH Ashley Gillibrand Southampton 15 New Dimensional Analysis Dimensional Measurement and Management Gregor McLachlan Warwick 15 New Braking Systems Braking Systems Ed Nixon Bradford 10 New Programme Management Advanced Programme Management Project Planning, Management & Control Jamie Joshi Warwick 15 New Steve Fannon / Jeremy Stern / Paul Black Belt Induction 3 day (unacredited) (BBO) JLR Delivered 0 New Grocott Green Belt Problem Solver 20 New Statistics & SPC - Advanced Engineering Statistics (BB1) 10 New Quality Methods & Tools Quality Engineering Failure Data Analysis (BB2) Steve Fannon / Jeremy Stern / Paul 10 New Bradford Design of Experiments and RSM (BB3) Grocott 10 New Failure Mode Avoidance & Robustness (BB4) 10 New Black Belt Project 60 New System Safety Foundations of Systems Safety Engineering Roger Rivett York 10 New In Business Project Thesis All 60
  7. 7. Examples Technology Areas Module Groups University Provider M CATS Powertrain and Hybrid Systems Hybrid Systems Warwick 15Virtual Engineering and Simulation Techniques Advanced CAD / CAE Cranfield 10 Sustainability and Materials Sustainable Product Design Loughborough 10 Vehicle Structures & Crash Coventry 15 Vehicle Engineering Noise Vibration and Harshness Southampton 15 Programme Management Advanced Programme Management Warwick 15 Quality Engineering Quality Methods & Tools Bradford 20
  8. 8. Accreditation “I hear, I forget. I see, I remember. I do, I understand.” – Confucius
  9. 9. AccreditationQualification Route 30 60 120 180 CATS Credits Post Grad Post Grad Post Grad MSc Award Certificate Diploma Warwick Uni Only Modules Project Thesis Students will be able to build up credits over a number of years to gain awards. Qualifications awarded by a partner university dependent on mixture of modules taken. Modules are all at Masters Degree level Doctorate and First Degree outcomes Flexibility on entry requirements, accepting experience not demanding academic qualification Is approved for accreditation by professional engineering institutions
  10. 10. Accreditation Roadmap MSc (180 points) P R O J E C Students Register for T Diploma Qualification (120 points) Individual M Modules Taken Certificate O (60 points) D U Award L (30 points) Start point Warwick only E S Modules only (no award)
  11. 11. Today’s Young Engineers260 University Graduates recruited in to Engineering this year  2 Year Graduate Development Programme61 Higher Apprentices places this year  6 Year Apprenticeship with an Engineering Honours Degree
  12. 12. Managers and Mentors contact Graduates Aug Sept Corporate Induction* One Day PD Induction - Date 17th Oct Oct 2012 Technical immersion - Warwick Nov Courses (TRAINING) Dec Impact Personal Development - 4 Days Jan Feb Mar Year One: 2 or 3 month placement on Apr alternative CoC May Jun 2013 Placement (EXPERINCE) Graduate Development Jul Community Service Project (Smallpeice) Aug Year one cross functional placement - Sep corporate (MS&S, Purchasing, Finance) OctTechnical Accreditation Scheme (EDUCATION) PVT & Manufacturing Placement in Nov 2 x Technical Accreditation Scheme Modules (Accredited) relevant area Dec In addition: PCS ,FMEA and Product Liability Training each at approx one day. Product Development Graduate Framework Summary Jan Feb Year Two: 2 or 3 month placement on Mar alternative CoC Apr 2014 May Year two cross functional placement - Jun corporate (MS&S, Purchasing, Finance) Jul
  13. 13. Delivery in IndiaSupport the growth of skills in our wider JLR team based in India.Warwick University locally deliveringthe same modules to thesame standard and examined andaccredited in the same way.Strategy is for local University partnersdelivering modules in collaborationwith our UK university partners.We have ambitions to extend this to other global locations such as China.
  14. 14. Administration Registering for courses Notification Line Manager Records A University Nomination Linking with Development Plans JLR Nominated Companies Catalyst (JLR IT System) B University WMG AdministrationCommittee Nomination Manager Prioritisation Booking Course Sending out Joining Instructions Recording Student C University Attainment Billing Universities / JLR Chasing Coursework etc.. Individual Competency Assessment TATA Group Companies JLR Finance X University
  15. 15. SME Engagement Successful SEMTA lead bid to the UKCES Growth andInnovation Fund to support mechanism to expand TAS Create the Advance Skills Accreditation Scheme
  16. 16. SME Engagement 2,000 companies engaged 5,000 module registrations over two years Cross Advanced Manufacturing Sectors Increased employer investment in training Bite size, flexible provision ideal for SMEs
  17. 17. Summary33 % of JLRs Engineers are registered on TAS modules.For JLR this programme has allowed us to have atransformational impact on our skills capability acrossengineering.SEMTA has provided the catalyst to enable expansionand to broaden this approach across sectors.