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OECD Strategic Crisis Management Workshop, presentation by Dr. Timo HARKONEN


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This presentation by Dr. Timo Harkonen, Director of Government Security, Finland, was made at the 2014 OECD/Swiss Federal Chancellery Strategic Crisis Management Workshop (12-13 June, Geneva).

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OECD Strategic Crisis Management Workshop, presentation by Dr. Timo HARKONEN

  1. 1. GOVERMENT LEVEL CYBER SECURITY EXERCISE Director of Government Security Timo Härkönen
  2. 2. Finland’s cyber threat scenario 2.7.2014
  3. 3. Principles of cyber security management 2.7.2014
  4. 4. Crisis management 2.7.2014 Operative management, information sharing, cooperation, communication Sectoral management, information sharing, cooperation, communication Support Cooperation Coordination The Prime Minister directs the activities of the Government and oversees preparatory and procedural work Information, participation when necessaryInformation, participation when necessary Assistance, if its expertise is needed
  5. 5. President – Government Ministries (interministerial) Ministries (internal) Regional administration Municipalities and towns 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 = Training = Preparedness exercise SOCIETY’S COMPREHENSIVE PREPAREDNESS TRAINING AND EXERCISE SYSTEM VALHA 2010 VALHA 2013 (Cyber Security) Possible disturbances (37 ) = Exercise scenarios 2.7.2014
  6. 6. CONCLUSIONS AND LESSONS LEARNED • Government needs to participate in the exercises at least twice during the term. • Leaders need not only exercises but also tuition and training. • Planning of the exercise; large net of representatives of various sectors -> important to have a centralized management. • Not only national level: • Finnish – Swedish exercise 2008, both governments • Nordic exercises • EU IPCR will be tested in Cyber Europe 2014 2.7.2014
  7. 7. …continues • In this kind of exercise scenario it is difficult to assess what are really the key elements and problems. There are difficulties to see the “Big Picture”-> need for early and proactive situational awareness and expert analysis. • Several ministries, authorities, private companies were involved -> timely cooperation and coordination. • Coordinated, explicit, consistent communication by experts and timely political communication, based on facts, are emphasized. • PPP, role of the National Emergency Supply Agency • In Finland a long tradition in PPP 2.7.2014