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Viet Nam, Reform efforts to reduce administrative burdens - Ngô Hải Phan


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Presentation by Ngô Hải Phan, Director General of APCA, MOJ & Vice Chairman cum General Secretary of ACAPR, at the OECD Southeast Asia Forum, 25-26 March 2014, Bali, Indonesia. Further information is available at

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Viet Nam, Reform efforts to reduce administrative burdens - Ngô Hải Phan

  1. 1. Việt Nam REFORM EFFORTS TO REDUCE ADMINISTRATIVE BURDENS Dr. Ngô Hải Phan, Director General of APCA, MOJ Vice Chairman cum General Secretary of ACAPR Bali, 3 - 2014
  2. 2. Reform approach: Project 30: top down approach • Under direct and official guidance from the Prime Minister • Operated and coordinated by the Office of the Government through the Special Task Force of the Prime Minister • Review more than 5.400 Administrative Procedures (APs), in which 88% is simplified within 3 years • The 1st application of Public Private Partnership (PPP) 2
  3. 3. Reform approach: Project 30 - now maintain reform efforts - comprehensive and systematic modality • Construction of a comprehensive legal framework • Completing tools for reform • Establish a Network of APs Control Units in ministries, agencies and localities • Enhance involvement of stakeholders: PPP model improvement 3
  4. 4. Legal Frame work and Tools  Legal Framework: • Complete legal normative documents for reform implementation (The Government’s Resolutions, Ordinances; Ministry’s Decision and Circulars (MOJ, MOF)) • Enhance the PPP model in reform activities aimed at reaching to people's activities  Tools: • Impact Assessment for APs in draft legal normative documents • Calculation of compliance cost 4
  5. 5. 5 Administrative Procedure Control Agency (APCA) Minister of Justice Chairman Advisory Council for AP Reform 4 Vice Chairman Council Secretary VCCI CIEM VITAS VASEP AMCHAM EUROCHAM v.v… 63 provinces/ cities AP control 21 ministries Consultation Comments The Prime Minister State Network of APs Control Units and PPP model Working Board Working Board Working Board 3 agencies AP control AP control
  6. 6. Vietnam’s current activies: 6 Transparen cy • The National Database on APs ( • Publish APs at headquarter of administrative bodies at all levels APs quality control • Assess impact of draft regulations • Consult stakeholders and relevant bodies • Review and revision Continual reform • Continuously review existing regulations => propose simplification and reduce administrative burdens • Select priorities in line with the country’s development Reduce administrative burdens for citizens and enterprises
  7. 7. Success factors  Adequate and clear tools  Continually improve capacity of human resource specializing in regulatory reform (including private sector)  Close PPP  Effective media strategy -> encourage reform  Monitor and calculate reform result  Enhance accountability 7
  8. 8. Success factors Political will The Prime Minister’s message: “High quality regulation and simple, transparent and public administrative procedures together with accountability shall create a favorable environment for investment, remove corruption and waste and remarkably contribute to overall competitiveness of Vietnam economy” 8
  9. 9. Thank you for your attention! 9