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Photos from the 2015 OECD Global Forum on Competition


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View a selection of photos from the OECD Global Forum on Competition that took place in Paris on 29-30 October 2015. Find out more at

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Photos from the 2015 OECD Global Forum on Competition

  1. 1. In today’s world of persistent low growth, high unemployment, rising inequality, and eroding trust, this meeting serves as an opportunity to explore how competition policy can enhance productivity, promote job creation and stimulate much-needed inclusive growth. Mr. Angel Gurría, Secretary-General, OECD
  2. 2. 14th 29-30 October 2015 Does competition kill or create jobs? Well, the answer is clearly yes. It does kill and it does create jobs. Mr. Guy Rider, Director-General, ILO
  3. 3. The question remains, however, that if the political trend in the long-term is populism, which hates technocracy and independence from politics, what will be the impact on the ability of entities like competition authorities to conduct their work? Senator Mario Monti
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