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Net cd fchallenge_2017-02-16


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Data Pioneers Create Camp Ergebnisse, präsentiert am Open Data MeetUp (16.2.17)

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Net cd fchallenge_2017-02-16

  1. 1. Julia  DIESSL,  Dominika  HELLER,  Franz  RINNERTHALER   NetCDF  challenge   •  Gathering  Ideas  
  2. 2. Julia  DIESSL,  Dominika  HELLER,  Franz  RINNERTHALER   NetCDF  challenge   •  Can  we  realize  any  by  using  the  provided  data?     •  Login  required  
  3. 3. Julia  DIESSL,  Dominika  HELLER,  Franz  RINNERTHALER   NetCDF  challenge   •  Available  formats:   –  CSV  J   –  NetCDF    ?!?!   •  Digging  for  meta  informaMon   –  Headers  info  
  4. 4. Julia  DIESSL,  Dominika  HELLER,  Franz  RINNERTHALER   NetCDF  challenge   •  ZAMG  personal  meta  info:  Viewer  available!!!!   hPps://   •  Export  to  csv  J!!!  
  5. 5. Julia  DIESSL,  Dominika  HELLER,  Franz  RINNERTHALER   NetCDF  challenge   •  First  visualizaMon  experiments  
  6. 6. Julia  DIESSL,  Dominika  HELLER,  Franz  RINNERTHALER   NetCDF  challenge   •  Understand  data  structure  
  7. 7. Julia  DIESSL,  Dominika  HELLER,  Franz  RINNERTHALER   NetCDF  challenge   •  Happy  data  using!  
  8. 8. Julia  DIESSL,  Dominika  HELLER,  Franz  RINNERTHALER   NetCDF  challenge   •  Happy  data  using!