OCWC Global Conference 2013: UKOER IntOERnational: International Collaboration; Promoting UK OER Internationally


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Alex Fenlon
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OCWC Global Conference 2013: UKOER IntOERnational: International Collaboration; Promoting UK OER Internationally

  1. 1. UKOER IntOERnational:International Collaboration; Promoting UKOER InternationallyAlex FenlonMay 2013
  2. 2. 3 years of HEFCE funding~£13million3 phases, multiple calls per phase.115+ distinct projects.66 different lead institutions (HEI’s,FEC’s, and professional bodies).All home nations involved + someinternational partners.2UK Open Educational ResourcesProgramme- JISC & HEARussell GroupPost 9294 GroupFECUniversityAllianceUKADIAMillion +ProfessionalBodyUnaffiliated
  3. 3. Phase 1 2009 – 2010 £5.7milSupported the development of a diverse range of resources aimed ataddressing the needs of teachers, practitioners and students, and theexploration of effective use, reuse and adaptation of resources.Phase 2 2010 – 2011 £5milExpanded the use of OER and the knowledge from phase 1, usingpartnership models to cascade information. Looked at issues aroundreuse and tracing released resources, reward and recognition for staff...Phase 3 2011 – 2012 £2.8milFocusing on institutional policy and change, the student voice inOER, significant thematic development, initial and continuing professionaldevelopment for staff, work with professional and learned societies, andsupport for senior managers.3UK Open Educational ResourcesProgramme- JISC & HEA
  4. 4. UKOER3 JISC Academy ukoer 3 themes and focus areas —Lou McGillhttp://www.wordle.net/show/wrdl/4776236/ukoer3
  5. 5. 18 projects- 17 InstitutionsUniversity of Plymouth University of the Arts, London,Newcastle University Lincoln UniversitySouthampton Solent University University of SouthamptonUniversity of Birmingham University of LeicesterUniversity of Nottingham The Open UniversityAston University University of LeedsFalmouth University University of LiverpoolSheffield Hallam University Anglia Ruskin UniversityOxford University (x 2)5International Projects
  6. 6. Projects includedItunes U lifecycle- from conception to use to death and rebirth.Search Engine optimisation- metadata, revision of homepages.Networking and dissemination techniques- social media vs email.English for Academic PurposesAdapting to UK Higher Education- students and staff.Analytics for OER ProjectsDigital Literacy6International Projects
  7. 7. iTunes U – 3 projectsLeicester- opening an iTunes U account. Processes issues and how to launch anaccount.Plymouth- existing iTunes U account. ~1.5 mill downloads. Activeusages, continuously uploaded.Southampton- existing iTunes U account- left to die- not managed, not active.Rebourn- increased importance because of recent developments- Futurelearn.7Project Detail
  8. 8. Search Engine Techniques – 5 projectsNottingham- involve international office, add resources to IO pages. Appeal tointernationalisation agenda.Open University- audit pages, who is using, how can we increase use, promote toother users.Oxford(1)- revise home page, added metadata, simpler descriptions.Newcastle- foreign language metadata, simplified language used in description.Falmouth- analytics instructions for educators. How to use it and what it means.Solent- Revised homepages, focus on international audiences.8Project Detail
  9. 9. Networking – 4 projectsSheffield Hallam University- using institutional partners to review and evaluateOERs, how they can be used internationally.Leeds- social media channels versus contact lists, personal emails- what worksbest.Oxford(2)- using international project partners to assess and promote OER toolsto feed into other activities- FLAX, ToeToe. EAP activities.UAL- exploring issues associated with joining OCWC- how, why.9Project Detail
  10. 10. Staff Development issues- 6 projectsAnglia Ruskin- marketing of OER materials to students and lecturers to promotethe institution.Aston- use resources for staff development of global issues in HE, how HE maychange, how HEI’s can remain relevant.Liverpool- develop resources to help academics adapt to UK HE.Birmingham- help address the digital literacy issues in staff and students. Howcan OER help increase digital increase.Lincoln- look at how to support international students studying the UK, how cansupport be improved. How can support be improved for student distance learningstudents in other countries.10Project Detail
  11. 11. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)Free online courses that anyone can sign up to. You commit as much time andeffort as you like.Numbers speaker for themselves.Funding model?Pedagogy?FutureLearn‘Futurelearn will bring together a range of free, open, online courses from leadingUK universities, in the same place and under the same brand.’Led by OU, but involves 12 18 leading UK HEI’s- launch later 2013.Can it compete with www.coursera.org & www.edx.org?11Recent Developments
  12. 12. Free approach to aims and objectives-Allowed rich mix of different project types and methods used.Collaboration at international level-Building of sustainable networks- leading to continuing activity and workiTunesU lifecycle mapped-All aspects of initiation, use and develop through to what can happen when keypeople leave covered by case studies.Online dissemination not as good as face to face-Social good at mass market but return is better through contacts. F2F meetings arestill the best way of building relationships. Once they have been started onlineworks well.12Conclusions
  13. 13. Foster awarenessDevelop ICT, searching skills and platformsEnsure projects are sustainable (without funding)Tap in to existing agendas (sustainabledevelopment/ ecological issues)Allow for OER translationLobby for OER for all public funded bodies13Recommendations
  14. 14. http://www.heacademy.ac.uk/resources/detail/oer-phase-3-4ai-internationalQuestions?Alex FenlonOperations Manager- OER and Online LearningAlex.fenlon@heacademy.ac.uk19Thanks