OCWC Global Conference 2013: TU Delft Open Education, Bringing OER into class


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Drs. Martijn Ouwehand, Ir. Willem van van Valkenburg

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  • Alternative title: “bringing OER into the classroom”
  • OpenCourseWare: Course Materials available for use and re-use, for free, worldwide (700 visitors a day). No certificates, but pilot with Study Badges (informal certificates of Study Skills)Goal: Enlarge Acces to Educational Materials, empower institution’s reputationexample: publishing OCW led to Cooperation with ITB Bandung and Mozambique institutionsOnline Distance Education: Pilot starts september 2013, Students need to enroll but are not physically in Delft (everything happens online). Small numbers of enrolled studentsd (20?)Goal: provide a Masters degree via Online Education to those who want but are unable to come to Delft, enlarge audienceMOOCs: Online, MassiveGoal: strenghten reputation, enlarge access to Higher Education
  • We’re putting more and more focus on having others use our OpenCourseWare materials
  • All examples are based on publishing, having others use our open materials.
  • OpenCourseWare materials are created and published for others. And re-used in education as cases in Design Education (Regonomics courses)
  • We chose to go for courses where improvements are welcome (Stumble courses) – there’s a need for helpAlso: preferably general courses available for more students across campusBut: Start small: 2 courses, 1 very general (DV, 120 students) and 1 more specific (SAD, 700 students)
  • First explore how students can benefit from OER and existing support initiativesSecond: publish as OCW Third: -apply what’s been set up in the same course and - broaden the scope to other courses (september 2013-2014)
  • Results in DV are higher, but last year was lower. Could be coincidence
  • We asked ourselves what is the added value of integrating OER? - It’s not about materials, but activities around itReversed Teaching – Prof. Mr. Dr. Ir. Sicco Santema TU DelftYoutubeFridays: - Matthew W. Liberatore,ChrlesVestal, Colorado school of mines http://advances.asee.org/vol03/issue01/02.cfm Peer Instruction – Eric Mazur
  • OCWC Global Conference 2013: TU Delft Open Education, Bringing OER into class

    1. 1. open.tudelft.nl/education | DelftX | OpenCourseWare | iTunes UDelftXTU Delft Open Education,Bringing OER into classDrs. Martijn OuwehandIr. Willem van van Valkenburg
    2. 2. open.tudelft.nl/education | DelftX | OpenCourseWare | iTunes UDelftXOpen Education TeamIr. Willem van ValkenburgCoordinator Open EducationTeam, Project Director DelftXDrs. Martijn OuwehandOpen Education Team& Online Education
    3. 3. open.tudelft.nl/education | DelftX | OpenCourseWare | iTunes UDelftX“Open and onlineeducation allows peoplefrom around the worldaccess to the top educationof TU Delft. It enableseverybody who wants todevelop themselves andaccommodates theincreasing number ofstudents seeking highereducation. TU Delft isdedicated to deliverworld class educationto everyone.” Drs. Anka MulderVice President Education & Operations
    4. 4. open.tudelft.nl/education | DelftX | OpenCourseWare | iTunes UDelftXOnline and Campus EducationMassive OpenOnline Courses(MOOCs)OpenCourseWare(OCW)Online DistanceEducationCampusEducation• Learning Activities & Course Materials• Free• Enrolled students only, massive numbers• Bachelors Level• Certificate of Completion• Course Materials• Free• Big Exposure, Worldwide audience• Both Bachelor and Master level• No interaction with faculty• No accredited certificate• Learning Activities & Course Materials• Paid enrollment• Enrolled students only, limited numbers• Master level• Accredited Course Certificate• Full Master Degree• On-campus Education• Top-class education and research facilities• World famous university library• Active student societies• Great opportunities to participate in specialstudent projects
    5. 5. open.tudelft.nl/education | DelftX | OpenCourseWare | iTunes UDelftXDelftX MOOC’s
    6. 6. open.tudelft.nl/education | DelftX | OpenCourseWare | iTunes UDelftXDelftX Courses• Fall 2013• Prof Jules van Lier - Introduction to water treatment• Dr Arno Smets - Solar Energy• Spring 2014• Prof Jacco Hoekstra - Introduction to AerospaceEngineering• The fourth course is to be announced.
    7. 7. open.tudelft.nl/education | DelftX | OpenCourseWare | iTunes UDelftXWhat else?Focus on usage of TU DelftOpenCourseWare, by others
    8. 8. open.tudelft.nl/education | DelftX | OpenCourseWare | iTunes UDelftXTAHMO.infoTAHMOInnovative WeatherSensoring
    9. 9. open.tudelft.nl/education | DelftX | OpenCourseWare | iTunes UDelftXUse and Re-use of OCW•Choice of Study•Prepare International Students•Use in Developing Countries•Source of Reference•Extracurricular education•Online EducationImages CC-BY-NC-SA: http://ocw.tudelft.nl
    10. 10. open.tudelft.nl/education | DelftX | OpenCourseWare | iTunes UDelftXMassive OpenOnline Courses(MOOCs)OpenCourseWare(OCW)Online DistanceEducationCampusEducationWhat about usage at our owncampus?Publish,Share withothersUse inCampusEducation
    11. 11. open.tudelft.nl/education | DelftX | OpenCourseWare | iTunes UDelftX
    12. 12. open.tudelft.nl/education | DelftX | OpenCourseWare | iTunes UDelftXSTUMBLE
    13. 13. open.tudelft.nl/education | DelftX | OpenCourseWare | iTunes UDelftXGoals• Explore how to integrate Open Educational Materials inon-campus education• Benefits for students• Benefits for teachers• Benefits for OpenCourseWare (awareness, use,improvement)• Explore if/how student performance can benefit fromOER & other existing supporting initiatives• Focus: STUMBLE Courses, small pilots
    14. 14. open.tudelft.nl/education | DelftX | OpenCourseWare | iTunes UDelftXExtras: additional services and resources.More support servicesEssentials: reference materials.Publish the official course materials as referenceAdditionals: Broading, in depth, supplement.Extra OERs to improve the courseGuidance: Tailored to need.F2F and online tutoringSTUMBLE Courses
    15. 15. open.tudelft.nl/education | DelftX | OpenCourseWare | iTunes UDelftXSTUMBLE phasesOn-CampusEducation2. PublishEnriched OER TUDelft3.Find, use, remix1. Find, use,remixOERWorldwide
    16. 16. open.tudelft.nl/education | DelftX | OpenCourseWare | iTunes UDelftXDifferential Equations• Faculty of applied Science• 120 students, 2 period course• Teacher centered• Course Essentials, OERadditionals, Guidance (formative &
    17. 17. open.tudelft.nl/education | DelftX | OpenCourseWare | iTunes UDelftXStructural Analysis and Design (LR)• Faculty of Aerospace Engineering• 700 students, 1 period course• Lot of interaction, high pressure• Course Essentials, OERadditionals, Guidance (formative &summative), Formative selftests
    18. 18. open.tudelft.nl/education | DelftX | OpenCourseWare | iTunes UDelftXBenefits for studentsaccording to students• General opinion• Less is more! Don’t offer to much!• What’s in it for me?• Usage• Used as reference materials (30-35% under 120 and 700+ students)• Mostly in preperation for exams• Guidance• Has a high threshold• Self tests• Very useful for difficult items
    19. 19. open.tudelft.nl/education | DelftX | OpenCourseWare | iTunes UDelftXBenefits for studentsaccording to lecturer• Students seem to be better prepared for class• Students ask more questions• Questions are better funded• First: “How should I start calculating…”• Now: I started with this calculation, but halfway came across a problemand don’t know which of these two options to take/value to use…”• Students actively ask for help (Structural Analysis and design)• More materials to pick from• There is support to improve education
    20. 20. open.tudelft.nl/education | DelftX | OpenCourseWare | iTunes UDelftXDid study results increase?0%20%40%60%80%100%TN CT LRSlaag%deelnemersSlaagpercentage 2de jaars herinschrijvers, 2ste periode 2de studiejaarC2008C2009C2010C2011Differential Equations: Yes, but valid?Structural Analysis and Design: still unknown (examswere 3 weeks ago)
    21. 21. open.tudelft.nl/education | DelftX | OpenCourseWare | iTunes UDelftXFinding and IntegratingOER in Education• There has to be added value for OER• Refresh prior knowledge• Application of abstract processes• Alignment between courses• Less is more!• Approved by teacher!• Explanatory, not just answers• Difficult to find OER fitting the courses (in opinion of studentassistants)
    22. 22. open.tudelft.nl/education | DelftX | OpenCourseWare | iTunes UDelftXConclusions• Increased awareness of OER• Added value of Integrating OER in class• Levels of impact• 1. Change nothing, but find great OER• 2. Integrate finding and using OER in education better• 3. Redesign education (Flip Classroom): Examples:OER should not be an addition, but partof the CORE of Education
    23. 23. open.tudelft.nl/education | DelftX | OpenCourseWare | iTunes UDelftXNext steps• Apply lessons to the samecourses• Do pilots with other tools(Feedback Fruits)• Broaden scope to rest of TUDelft• Aim for high level impactinterventions
    24. 24. open.tudelft.nl/education | DelftX | OpenCourseWare | iTunes UDelftXfacebook.com/TuDelft.OpenCourseWarenl.linkedin.com/in/ocwtudelfttwitter.com/TUDelftOCWslideshare.net/DelftOpenEropen.tudelft.nl
    25. 25. open.tudelft.nl/education | DelftX | OpenCourseWare | iTunes UDelftX