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OCWC Global Conference 2013: Our Experience for operating regional consortium in Japan


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Yoshimi Fukuhara
Meiji University

Published in: Education, Technology
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OCWC Global Conference 2013: Our Experience for operating regional consortium in Japan

  1. 1. Yoshimi Fukuhara yoshimi@jocw.jpSecretary General, Japan OCW Consortiumprevious Board member, OpenCourseWare ConsortiumProfessor, Meiji University2013/05/09!OCWC Global 2013!
  2. 2. History of JOCW2004! 2005! 2006!2003.9 MIT OCWJOCW9OCWConsortium!established!JOCW officially2002.9!MIT OCW!JOCW2013/05/09!OCWC Global 2013!
  3. 3. Unique Characteristicsat the beginning•  Most of top ranked national universities andtop two private universities were members•  All of member universities were joined aswhole university level under theorganizational approval•  JOCW started with no external grant, butinternal budget from each memberuniversities.2013/05/09!OCWC Global 2013!
  4. 4. Members in JOCW2013/05/09!OCWC Global 2013!051015202530354045Affiliate membersAssociate membersInstitutional members
  5. 5. Courses from JOCW2013/05/09!OCWC Global 2013!96257563806128515231817257257951511722152753944890500100015002000250030003500EnglishJapanese
  6. 6. Every University join as a whole university level participationBold: Board membersMembers(by joinning year)year Organizations(Institution、Non-profit、Company)2005Osaka Univ., Kyoto Univ., Keio Univ., Tokyo Tech., Univ. of Tokyo, WasedaUniv., Kyushu Univ.,Nagoya Univ., Hokkaido Univ.,NIME2006Kansai Univ., Univ. of Tsukuba, Doshisya Univ., Kyoto-Seika Univ., RitsumeikanUniv., APRU、AVCC、CCC-TIES、eLC2007Kagawa Nutrition Univ., Meiji Univ., United Nations Univ., Creative CommonsJapan, Asahi Shinbun, NTT Resonant, TDU Press, Mediasite, MediaLink, DigitalKnowledge2008 ICU, Uchida Yoko, Castalia, Global Commons, NTT DoCoMo2009 Open Univ. of Japan, Hosei Univ., Kwansei Univ., SoftBank BB, Celego Japan2010 Sofia Univ., CMS Communications2011 Uchida Spectrum, Kumamoto Univ.2012 Bunka Gakuen, Net-Learning, Pro-seeds2013/05/09!OCWC Global 2013!
  7. 7. Web site of JOCW2013/05/09!OCWC Global 2013!
  8. 8. Transition of OER2013/05/09!OCWC Global 2013!Stage1 Opening up of Course ContentsParadigm shift: Close to OpenMany preliminary OCWText based contentStage2 More Rich Media publishing Lecture VideoiTunesUStage3 Creating Learners Community Open StudyStage4 Giving Certificate(e.g. informal badge)Path to the Official CreditOER UniversityP2P UniversityStage5 Open Online Courses: MOOCs courseraUdasityedX
  9. 9. Survey period:i. Jan. 22 - Jan.28, 2010ii. Jan. 28 – Jan.30, 2009Method: Internet researchnumber of respondents:1200detail:Teens: 200, Twenties:200     Thirties: 200, Forties: 200     Fifties: 200, Sixties: 200Number of Questions:37Opinion poll on opening up ofUniversity2013/05/09!OCWC Global 2013!
  10. 10. Q: How do you think aboutthis project?From inside2006, 2007,20082009, 201035.957.85.1 1.329.263.96 1Very goodGoodNot so goodNot good2013/05/09!OCWC Global 2013!
  11. 11. Q: Do you want to use if you can seelecture from various universities onthe internet?27.852.317.41.3129.見たいどちらかといえば見たいどちらでもないどちらかといえば見たくない見たくないFrom inside2006, 2007,20082009, 20102013/05/09!OCWC Global 2013!
  12. 12. Q: What kind of information doyou want for university lecturecontents?0102030405060708090Syllabi Lecture notes Lecture video Others20092010201120122013/05/09!OCWC Global 2013!
  13. 13. Q: What’s purpose do youwant to use? 20092010201120122013/05/09!OCWC Global 2013!
  14. 14. Q: Do you know thoseuniversities have publishedtheir lecture contents?0.425.174.50.62178.5I know all ofthemPart of themNothingFrom inside2006, 2007,20082009, 20102013/05/09!OCWC Global 2013!
  15. 15. Asian Collaboration on OCW•  Asia Regional OpenCourseware and Open Education Conference•  To share experiences and know-how•  To exchange opinions on technological and social challenges•  AROOC 2009•  Korea University, Seoul, South Korea•  AROOC2010•  National Chao Tung University, Taipei, Taiwan•  AROOC2011•  Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan•  AROOC2012•  Thai Cyber University, Bangkok, Thailand•  AROOC2013( on coming October 28-29)•  University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia2013/05/09!OCWC Global 2013!
  16. 16. Current Issues•  Financial weakness; no big grant comes fromgovernment or foundation•  Low consciousness of faculty members; veryfew positive faculty members•  Traditional teaching style•  Very tight IPR low; big obstacle to increasecourses, no fair use consensus2013/05/09!OCWC Global 2013!
  17. 17. Conclusion and Challenges•  Potential is huge•  Big expectation for life-long learning society•  More willingness for self-learning•  Learning Environment have been well-improved•  Accumulation of learning contents•  Commoditization of learning devices/terminals•  Learning community using social media•  Current tendency of certification/credit2013/05/09!OCWC Global 2013!