OCWC Global Conference 2013: OER in Canada: A POERUP Report


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D. Quirk, R. McGreal, T. Anderson
Athabasca University

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • http://www.snj-rf.com/photo/art/default/1421720-1886436.jpg?v=1289464127In Quebec, the government differs from other provincial governments regarding copyright protection in education and so is not inclined to be supportive of OER initiatives. Quebec, as Canada’s only officially French-speaking province, has a thriving local francophone cultural industry, unlike the anglophone provinces that tend to rely on US cultural imports. So, the protection of the French culture in Quebec is a paramount concern and as such they are much more concerned about protecting their publishers and authors than they are about supporting open content for their educational institutions. They use the term “droitd’auteur” to translate the term “copyright”, which is more in keeping with the European custom emphasizing the rights of the copyright owners over the rights of learners and other consumers. Membres du Comitésur le droitd'auteur de l'Associationnationale des éditeurs de livres [Members of the committee on author’s rights {copyright} of the National Association of Book Editors have been particularly vocal in expressing their opinions (Foulon, Jetté, Saint-Jean, et al., 2006). And the Quebec government has been alone of all the governments in Canada opposing the educational exemption to copyright (Geist, 2006).
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  • OCWC Global Conference 2013: OER in Canada: A POERUP Report

    1. 1. OER in Canada: A POERUP ReportD. QuirkR. McGrealT. AndersonAthabasca UniversityCreative CommonsAttribution 3.0 License(some images fair dealing)
    2. 2. CANADAINDONESIASize comparison36 million245 million
    3. 3. Policies for OER UPtake
    4. 4. PartnersSERO
    5. 5. Focus• Stimulating uptake of OER through policy• Building on previous initiatives (eg. OPAL, Olnet)• Through country reports and case studies• Evaluate successful OER communities
    6. 6. Outputs• Inventory > +300 OER initiatives• 11 country reports ; 13 mini-reports• 7 in-depth case studies• 3 EU-wide policy papers• 7 options brief packs for EUnations/regions
    7. 7. UNESCO Survey• few OER policies• confusion over OER• Not realizing the potential of OER• Content accessible- not openly licensed(UNESCO, 2012, p. 25)
    8. 8. •OER•Open access•Open user-generated works•Open data•Open Glam(Galleries, Libr.,Arch. Museums)•Open government•Open policies•Open licences•Open licence tools (CC)•Open standards•Open SourcePaul Stacey
    9. 9. Paul Stacey
    10. 10. •Can create own materials• Can be developed as ‘stand-alone’ wikis• Can transcend a course• Can reduce need to create new materials• Can be accessed worldwide or locallyOERTony Bates
    11. 11. Open Access & OER• Scholarly journals• Research• Could be used as OER• Respondents found it difficult todistinguish• AU first in Canada with OA Policy
    12. 12. Open Access & OER“Despite the mounting support foropen access, Canada has laggedbehind with only a handful of pilotprojects from the federally-fundedresearch agencies . . . it is time forthose agencies to make a firmcommitment to open access.”
    13. 13. Canada Report• Provincial• No Government policies• Few initiatives• Policy proposals (HEIs)
    14. 14. Methodology• 93 contacts/ 21 responses (govt.,HEI, private sector)• Email & telephone interviews• 3 primary contacts:– Athabasca University– BCcampus– OCAD University
    15. 15. Research Questions1. OER initiatives/Collaborations?2. Policy documents on OER?3. Are OER policies important?4. Major barriers/incentives for OER5. Are you aware of other OERinitiatives?
    16. 16. Creative Commons Canada
    17. 17. Open Data Canada• Innovation• Leveraging public information• Develop consumer/commercialproducts• Better use of broadband• Research• Informed decisions for consumers
    18. 18. • First in Canada with OA Policy• First in Canada to join OCWC• Policy proposals (HEIs)• TEKRI• UNESCO/COL Chair in OER
    19. 19. •OCWC repository• OER research• Mapping of international OER activity•Open education/open access activities•OER Knowledge Cloud• OER Global Graduate Network;• OER awareness survey (internal)•OERu courses, e-texts•OER evaluation•Open Education MOOC
    20. 20. • Canada’s first open access universitypress• Peer reviewed publications• Quality control
    21. 21. WORKPLACE ENGLISH for ITCMohamed Ally
    22. 22. Leadership amongstudents in Canada
    23. 23. Fred MulderGlobal OER Graduate Network
    24. 24. Susan D’Antoni
    25. 25. • BC Campus licence• Online Programme Development Fund• 40 First year post-secondary courses as OER
    26. 26. Flexible learning for open education“OER presents an optimal learningenvironment to meet the needs of alllearners, including those withdisabilities.”J. Treviranus
    27. 27. •Outreach & awareness• Collaboration• Enabling specific learning needs• Supporting OER producers tocreate/label transformable content
    28. 28. • Inclusiveness in OER repositories• Inclusive resource alternatives•Inclusive aids into common tools•Assisting OER community to beinclusive
    29. 29. • PLAR (RPL)• Challenge exams•OERu member• Credit transfer
    30. 30. Barriers: Fear• Competition• Loss of students/jobs• Loss of revenue/control• Criticism by peers• lack of economic models• AccountabilityWith Paul Stacey
    31. 31. Barriers: Confusion• Business model• How open licences work• Collaboration strategies• Autonomy• Evidence of effectiveness• Terminology (OA,OER, PD etc.)With Paul Stacey
    32. 32. Barriers: Effort• Finding OER• Finding quality resources• How it saves time or money?• Specific academic contexts• LocalisationWith Paul Stacey
    33. 33. Barriers: Special Interests• Publishers• Copyright collectives• Textbook authors $$$• “Not invented here”• Copyright officers• ????With Paul Stacey
    34. 34. Incentives: YES• Updating at any time - quality• Copy, paste, annotate highlight,print• Mix, mash, alter, localise• Format shifting• Move content/share/collaborate• Cost savings – open textsWith Paul Stacey
    35. 35. Incentives: YES• Increased access to education• Students can better assess/plan• Showcase profile/brand• Convert lurkers into students• Accelerate learning• Reduce faculty preparation timeWith Paul Stacey
    36. 36. Incentives: No’s• NO Cost• NO DRM (TPM)• NO Licences• NO permissions required• NO technological restrictions• NO geographical restrictionsWith Paul Stacey
    37. 37. OER UniversityConceptJim Taylor
    38. 38. Education OurContentOurSupportOur StudentsFriesen & Murray, 2011
    39. 39. The Cat’s out of the Bag
    40. 40. OER Critics
    41. 41. http://www.col.org/resources/publications/Pages/detail.aspx?PID=446rory@athabascau.ca
    42. 42. rory@athabascau.caСпасибо