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OCWC Global Conference 2013: Metadata Management System for a "Materials" Repository


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Tsuneo Yamada
The Open University of Japan (OUJ)

Published in: Education, Technology
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OCWC Global Conference 2013: Metadata Management System for a "Materials" Repository

  1. 1. Tsuneo Yamada,  The Open University of Japan (OUJ)          OCWC Global 13Bali, IndonesiaMay 8-10, 2013
  2. 2.  Semi-governmental institution National center to promote Open Educationand Lifelong Learning“Everyone is welcome” No entrance exam (undergraduate courses) Distance education institution“Anytime, anywhere” Liberal Arts institution Cope with the growing needs for PracticalAbilities          2
  3. 3. OUJ contributions toOUJ contributions toJOCW communityJOCW community As a JOCW(OCWC) member OUJ-OCW site Launched in October 2010 Video streaming of coursewareTV(video) 6:Radio (Audio) 7:Special Lecture 6: JOCW Search and GLOBE From October 2006 (Started by NIME) 2633 metadata of JOCW content          3
  4. 4.           4
  5. 5.           5keywordscourse titlemedialanguageCC license
  6. 6.           6 License
  7. 7. Global Learning Object BrokeredGlobal Learning Object BrokeredExchange (GLOBE)Exchange (GLOBE)          7September, 2004February, 2007 September, 2007 April, 2008September, 2008 March, 2009OUJ-CODEFebruary, 2010 October, 2010April, 2013 OER Asia
  8. 8.           GLOBE: An international consortiumGLOBE: An international consortiumfor reuse and sharingfor reuse and sharing• Cross-Institutional search system of quality learningcontent and information beyond borders (minimum qualityassured)• Exchange and Sharing of METADATAMETADATA• Federated search and Harvesting• Movement of global coverage, all school levelInternational levelNation-wide levelInstitution levelUniversity repository level
  9. 9.  Learning process Prepare courseware for Localization andPersonalization Development process Limited financial and human resources(Shrinking budgets, Decrease ofenrollment…) Multiple media delivery (broadcasting, digitaltextbook, Internet, ….) Reuse and sharing of quality materials(Broadcasting quality)          9
  10. 10.  Personalization Localization Contextualization Interoperability          10 User-specific Context-specific Purpose/GoalDependentCloud ComputingLearner 1Learner 2Learner 3
  11. 11.  Massive Quality AssuranceMaterials to Courseware/Course Pack “Big Data” and Learning Analytics Frameworks for sharing “Data”Linked DataParadata          11
  12. 12.  Versatile Reuse/Remix Context freee.g. Multi-lingual/cultural or Pluralistic contexts Interoperability Sustainable Based on Open philosophy/concept Compatible with proprietary resources Quality improvement          12
  13. 13. Learner(End-user)TeacherDeveloperProviderPreferable Unit CoursewareMaterials(Video, Photos,Sounds)Learning Object(Module)Business /DistributionModelB to C B to BRightManagementAttributionNo DerivativeDerivativeWorks          13
  14. 14.  A repository designed for the materialsfor developing broadcasting program andcourse materials Broadcasting video/audio quality IEEE LOM metadata with extensions fordescribing right and quality information Global exchange framework of metadataunder GLOBE initiative A pilot repository launched in anacademic field, “International VolunteerStudies”          14
  15. 15.           No. Metadata element Corresponding element to LOM (IEEE1484.12.1-2002)1. ID of the metadata 3.1 Meta-Metadata - Identifier2. ID of the LO11.1 General - Identifier3. Title 1.2 General - Title4. Language(s) used within the LO 1.3 General - Language5. Description 1.4 General - Description6. Keyword(s) 1.5 General - Keyword7. Aggregation level 1.8 General - Aggregation Level8. Contributor to the LO 2.3 Life Cycle - Contribute9. Language of the metadata 3.4 Meta-Metadata - Language10. Technical features of LO 4.1 Technical - Format11. URL 4.3 Technical - Location12. Technical requirements to use the LO 4.4 Technical - Requirement13. Educational stages25.6 Educational - Context14. Intended learning time 5.9 Educational - Typical Learning Time15. Academic contexts with taxonomies 5.10 Educational - Description16. Paid-for or free 6.1 Rights - Cost17. Restriction of usage 6.3 Rights - Description18. Classification39. Classification19. Copyright4-20. Quality5-21. Permission to Harvesting - (for GLOBE Harvesting)22. Permission to Federated Search - (for GLOBE Federated search)
  16. 16.  A series of short video materials On “International Volunteer Studies” Number of titles: around 1350 Typical duration: 1-3 minutes Video format: two MPEG-4 format(720x480, 600x440) and two WMV formats(600x440 and 300x220). One of the MPEG-4 formats keeps thequality for broadcasting.          16
  17. 17.           17
  18. 18.           18
  19. 19.           19License System ValueCreative CommonsVersion 3.0AttributionAttribution- No Derivative WorksAttribution-NonCommercial- No Derivative WorksAttribution-NonCommercialAttribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlikeAttribution-ShareAlike
  20. 20.           201. On the International Volunteer Studies2. International Volunteer Activities in Public Health and MedicalCooperation3. International Volunteer Activities in Educational Cooperation4. International Volunteer Activities in the Marginalized Villages5. Fair Trade and International Volunteer Activities6. International Volunteer Activities for Protecting Children7. Emergency Support and International Volunteer Activities8. International Volunteer Activities for Foreigners in Japan9. International Volunteer as a Career: Life History and Competency10. NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) and International VolunteerActivities11. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and International VolunteerActivities12. JOCV and Senior Volunteer Program13. International Volunteer Activities in the World14. International Volunteer Education in Schools15. International Volunteer Activities in Great East Japan Earthquake:
  21. 21.           21
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  23. 23.           23
  24. 24. Thank you very much!!Contact          24