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Ocwc global 2013 improving discoverability of your content


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Published in: Technology
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Ocwc global 2013 improving discoverability of your content

  1. 1. Improving discoverabilityof course contentJure CuhalevOpenCourseWare Consortium
  2. 2. Google Panda and Penguin updates to indexPrioritizing: original,useful, resourceful andfresh content
  3. 3. Provide indicators ofupdates to coursesSocial integrationMeta authorshipVisual style/speed
  4. 4. • Social sharing with improved meta-data
  5. 5. Google authorship (and better meta-data)rel=author
  6. 6. • Publish as much data in RSS• Extended RSS meta-data, full coursecontent, linked multi-media• Canonical Archive link with suggested back-link (for SEO)• Improves search and enables scientificresearch• Pagination (ability to retrieve all courses)Syndication
  7. 7. Syndication - next level• Upload your meta-data to LRMI• Learning Resource Metadata Initiative
  8. 8. In short: apply at leastthe things that youapplied to your blog
  9. 9. Image credits• Panda -• Penguins -