OCWC Global Conference 2013: An Ontology-based Framework to generate Serious Game for Self-Assessment


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Xinglong Ma
DEC, Bournemouth University, UK
Feng Tian
DEC, Bournemouth University, UK
Nan Jiang
DEC, Bournemouth University, UK
Stefan Dietze
1.3S Research Center, DE

Published in: Education
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OCWC Global Conference 2013: An Ontology-based Framework to generate Serious Game for Self-Assessment

  1. 1. www.bournemouth.ac.ukAn Ontology-based Frameworkto generate Serious Game forSelf-AssessmentXinglong Ma (DEC, Bournemouth University, UK)Feng Tian (DEC, Bournemouth University, UK)Nan Jiang (DEC, Bournemouth University, UK)Stefan Dietze (L3S Research Center, DE)OCWC Global 2013, 9 May, Bali, Indonesia
  2. 2. www.bournemouth.ac.uk 2Outline• Motivation and Question• Semantic Web• Related works• Knowledge Point• Ontology Framework
  3. 3. www.bournemouth.ac.uk 3Current OERs Repositories• MOOCOnce publishedno further support
  4. 4. www.bournemouth.ac.uk 4Motivation & Research Problem• Game-based assessment application thatcan automatically extract data from OERsand generate customised educationalgames.• Annotate the OERs• Reuse, repurpose and interoperate theOERs to generate the assessment.
  5. 5. www.bournemouth.ac.uk 5Semantic WebSemantic Web is a web of, which “is not a separateWeb but an extension of the current one, in whichinformation is given well-defined meaning, betterenabling computers and people to work incooperation”.• URI• RDF• Schema/Vocabulary/Ontology• Linked Data• DBpedia Project• Linked Open Data Project
  6. 6. www.bournemouth.ac.uk 6Related Works• Adaptive Game Architecture for Training(AGAT) (Peeters, van den Bosch, Meyer, & Neerincx, 2012)• ONTOER ( based on DocBook and IEEELOM) (Rocha Amorim, Rabelo, & Amorim, 2012)• Media Fragment URI + NERD (Li, Rizzo, Troncy,Wald, & Wills, 2012)• Who knows? (Waitelonis, Ludwig, Knuth, & Sack, 2011)• IMS-QTI + Linked Open Data (Foulonneau, 2012)• An I18n approach with Greek Dbpedia(Bratsas et al., 2012)
  7. 7. www.bournemouth.ac.uk 7Knowledge Point“A knowledge point refers to an independent,completely expressed, and independentlyusable declarative or procedural knowledgeentity such a fact, a term, a concept, a theorem,or an algorithm etc.”• Knowledge Point is a set of entities fromthe LOD and their relationship.KP1 Doc1KP2 Doc2KP1.2KP1.1Doc1Doc2
  8. 8. www.bournemouth.ac.uk 8Knowledge Point
  9. 9. www.bournemouth.ac.uk 9Knowledge PointKP features:• Compliant with Linked Data• Independent and atomic• Specific & accurate meaning• On-demand Fragmentation• KP and OER fragments intersupplement
  10. 10. www.bournemouth.ac.uk 10Ontology FrameworkMLR, mEducator, etc.GOP, GCM,Nelson & Mateas game modelFOAF, CAM, SIOC, etc.SKOS
  11. 11. www.bournemouth.ac.uk 11Conclusion and Further workConclusion• Related works• Knowledge Point• Ontology-based FrameworkFurther works• Extract KP• Annotation mechanism• Refine the ontology framework• Prototype and evaluation
  12. 12. www.bournemouth.ac.uk 12References• Berners-Lee, T., Hendler, J., & Lassila, O. (2001). The semantic web. Scientificamerican, 284(5), 28-37.• Bratsas, C., Kontokostas, D., Eftychiadou, A., Kontokostas, D., Bamidis, P., &Antoniou, I. (2012). Semantic Web Game Based Learning: An I18n approach withGreek DBpedia. 2nd International Workshop on Learning and Education with the Webof Data, 17 April, 2012, Lyon, France.• Foulonneau, M. (2012). Generating educational assessment items from linked opendata: the case of DBpedia. Paper presented at the Proceedings of the 8th internationalconference on The Semantic Web, Heraklion, Crete, Greece.• Li, Y., Rizzo, G., Troncy, R., Wald, M., & Wills, G. (2012). Creating enrichedYouTube media fragments With NERD using timed-text. 11th International SemanticWeb Conference, November, 11-15.• Peeters, M., van den Bosch, K., Meyer, J.-J. C., & Neerincx, M. A. (2012). AnOntology for Integrating Didactics into a Serious Training Game. Pedagogically-drivenSerious Games (PDSG 2012).• Rocha Amorim, R., Rabelo, T., & Amorim, D. (2012). Open Educational ResourcesOntology. Paper presented at the Anais dos Workshops do Congresso Brasileiro deInformática na Educação.• Waitelonis, J., Ludwig, N., Knuth, M., & Sack, H. (2011). WhoKnows? Evaluatinglinked data heuristics with a quiz that cleans up DBpedia. Interactive Technology andSmart Education, 8(4), 236-248.
  13. 13. www.bournemouth.ac.uk 13