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SHRM 2014: Your Daily Guide to the Must-See Sessions


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SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition is June 22-25, held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Here's a quick guide to recommended must-see sessions for each day.

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SHRM 2014: Your Daily Guide to the Must-See Sessions

  1. 1. O.C. TANNER PRESENTS SHRM 2014: Your Daily Guide to the Must-See Sessions
  2. 2. With all the great speakers available, it’s hard to make the decision of where you can best use your time. Our quick guide is here to help. Culling through all the mega and concurrent sessions of the SHRM Annual Conference, we put together a recommended must-see line up for each day. Check out our top recommendations and send us a tweet (@octanner) if there are sessions you love that didn’t make the list. SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition Orlando, Orange County Convention Center June 22-25, 2014
  3. 3. 7:00a Hall A, Level 1 2:30- 4:00p Hall A 4:00- 7:00p Halls B2-D REGISTRATION OPENS Pick up your SHRM bag and badge at the lower level of the convention center. OPENING GENERAL SESSION FEATURING ROBIN ROBERTS As the co-anchor of ABC’s Good Morning America and author of 7 Rules to Live By, Roberts shares her journey over the past year after battling myelodysplastic symdrome. GRAND OPENING RECEPTION IN THE EXHIBIT HALL S U N D AY
  4. 4. 7:00- 8:15a W311 8:30- 9:45a Hall A 10:45- 12:00p W307 2:00- 3:15p W224 4:00- 5:15p W101 WHAT YOUR CEO WISHES HR WOULD START DOING Tim Sackett, SPHR, President, HRU Technical Resources Increase your influence with your senior executive team with practical strategies that will move your HR operation into a position of power within your organization. GENERAL SESSION FEATURING TOM FRIEDMAN An internationally renowned author, reporter, columnist, and recipient of three Pulitzer Prizes, Friedman has been named by U.S. News and World Report as one of “America’s Best Leaders.” BUILDING A CULTURE OF INNOVATION Jason Lauritsen, CEO, Talent Anarchy Joe Gerstandt, Speaker, author, Talent Anarchy Lead your organization's pursuit of innovation as a competitive advantage by creating a culture of innovation. HIGH POTENTIAL ENGAGEMENT: KEY STRATEGIES FOR ASSESSING, ENGAGING AND DEVELOPING TOP TALENT Amy Hirsh Robinson, Principal, Interchange Group Learn new ways to engage and develop high potentials that align with your unique needs, goals, culture and strategy. TARGET AND MEASURE: EVALUATING THE BOTTOM-LINE IMPACT OF TRAINING David Maxfield , Vice president of Research, co-author, VitalSmarts Get practical strategies for targeting, measuring, and evaluating the impact of your programs to demonstrate the bottom-line value of your training. M O N D AY
  5. 5. 7:00- 8:15a Valencia AB 8:30- 9:45a Hall A 10:45- 12:00p W224 2:00- 3:15p W303 4:00- 5:15p W224 EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION IN A TECH-DRIVEN, DEVICE SAVVY WORLD Brian Blasko , Speaker-author-fun guy, Brian Blasko LLC Discover the interpersonal communication skills you need to enhance your personal and professional development. GENERAL SESSION FEATURING DAVID NOVAK As a bestselling author, leadership expert, and Chairman and CEO of Yum! Brands—where he leads 1.5 million associates—Novak has been named one of the “100 Best-Performing CEOs in the World” by Harvard Business Review. LIP SERVICE: ARE YOUR EMPLOYEES REALLY AS IMPORTANT AS YOUR CUSTOMERS? Richard Finnegan, CEO, C-Suite Analytics Gain a deeper understanding of the tools and methods you can use to increase your executives’ commitment and accountability for engagement and retention. HR AS SOCIAL ARCHITECT: SIX STRATEGIES FOR MAXIMIZING THE NEW TALENT EQUATION Jason Lauritsen, CEO, Talent Anarchy Learn strategies that cultivate social capital with human capital to unlock your organization’s capability for innovation and performance. “NEXT PRACTICES” LEADERSHIP: DRIVING GROWTH & INNOVATION IN A PEOPLE-LED ECONOMY Michelle M. Smith, CPIM, CRP, Vice president, Business Development, O.C. Tanner Explore the next practices leadership strategy of human value connections and enrichment leadership to innovate and grow in this people-led economy. T U E S D AY
  6. 6. 8:30- 9:45a Hall A 10:00- 11:15a W109 11:30- 12:45p Valencia CD GENERAL SESSION FEATURING MRS. LAURA BUSH As the former First Lady of the United States, Bush is an advocate for literacy, education, and women’s rights and serves as the Chair of the Women’s Initiative at the George W. Bush Institute. NO EXCUSES! HOW ANY LEADER CAN TURN A WORKPLACE INTO A GREAT ONE! Michael Burchell, Vice president, Great Place to Work Institute; Jennifer Robin, Ph.D., Research fellow, Great Places to Work Institute Get practical, research-based guidance to address employee engagement and creating a high trust workplace. BUILD “BEST BOSSES”: DEVELOPING EXTRAORDINARY LEADERS IN YOUR ORGANIZATION Ian Cook, MILR, CSP, Principal, Fulcrum Associates Inc. Identify the beliefs, assumptions, and habits of thought found in managers who consistently get great results in an increasingly complex business world. W E D N E S D AY
  7. 7. 7:00- 8:15a 8:30- 9:45a 10:00- 11:15a 10:45- 12:00p 11:30- 12:45p 2:00- 3:15p 2:30- 4:00p 4:00- 5:15p 4:00- 7:00p W E D N E S D AY General Session: featuring Mrs. Laura Bush (Hall A) No Excuses! How Any Leader Can Turn a Workplace Into a Great One! (W109) Build “Best Bosses”: Developing Extraordinary Leaders in Your Organization (Valencia CD) T U E S D AY Effective Communication in a Tech-Driven, Device Savvy World (Valencia AB) General Session: featuring David Novak (Hall A) Lip Service: Are Your Employees Really As Important As Your Customers? (W224) HR as Social Architect: Six Strategies for Maximizing the New Talent Equation (W303) “Next Practices” Leadership: Driving Growth & Inno- vation in a People-Led Economy (W224) M O N D AY What Your CEO Wishes HR Would Start Doing (W311) General Session: featuring Tom Friedman (Hall A) Building a Culture of Innovation (W307) High Potential Engage- ment: Key Strategies for Assessing, Engaging & Developing Top Talent (W224) Target and Measure: Evaluating the Bottom-line Impact of Training (W101) S U N D AY Opening General Session: featuring Robin Roberts (Hall A) Registration Opens: (Hall A, Level 1) Grand Opening Reception, Exhibit Hall Stop by O.C. Tanner's booth 3164
  8. 8. Each month, our Appreciate Great Work newsletter features the latest best practices and insights on recognition, leadership, talent management, and creating cultures where great work and innovation thrive. Subscribe today at Please stop by booth 3164 to receive a free copy of our latest New York Times bestseller, Great Work: How to Make a Difference People Love. SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition Orlando, Orange County Convention Center June 22-25, 2014