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Top 10 Coolest Companies to Work for in Chicago


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Famous for great pizza, multiple professional sports teams, Oprah, and the Magnificent Mile, Chicago always seems to have a great buzz about it. America’s third most populated city has attracted an abundance of awesome companies that take employee appreciation to the next level. Let’s take a peek at the ten coolest companies to work for in Chicago. Find out what other companies have been award the O.C. Tanner Cool Culture Award at

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Top 10 Coolest Companies to Work for in Chicago

  1. 1. top 10 coolest companies to work for in chicago
  2. 2. Tasty Catering has helped Chicago gain its reputation for excellent food.Besides providing quality cuisine, this catering company is also a cool placeto work. Employees receive regular bonuses and awards for reaching theircompany’s goals. Tasty Catering also gives its workers free lunch every day.Plus, excellent wages, great benefits, and bonuses all make Tasty Cateringan obvious choice for this top ten list.
  3. 3. Tris3ct’s nearly 100 employees enjoy working in an open, loft-styled officeand having a voice in the company. During meetings, the company’sexecutives expect to hear from even the lowest ranked employee. Tris3ctgives its workers a paid comprehensive health care plan and a “perk dujour”—an employee indoor soccer team, Iron Ch3f competitions, and anemployee art gallery. As if that’s not enough, Tris3ct is also known to havespontaneous team-building exercises like Jenga.
  4. 4. SWC is a team oriented company. They have a reputation for being loyal to theiremployees, giving their workers a lot of exposure to different environments andtechnology, and organizing a lot of fun, expensive after hour activities. In thecompany’s quest to help their employees live balanced lives, SWC organizeshappy hours, lunch activities, employee talent shows, trivia contests, and evendodgeball games. It’s safe to say that SWC is one of the coolest companies inChicago.
  5. 5. Red Frog employees are allowed to work in their tree house or anywhereelse around the office. On their breaks, workers can enjoy the in-house zipline, foosball tables, or even grab a free beer. Seriously. Red Frogemployees also enjoy unlimited vacation time, a 401k, and a health planwith no deductible. When looking to hold a meeting, employees areencouraged to use a table surrounded by swings or one made of LEGOS.
  6. 6. Nitel, a company that provides telecom services to rural areas, holdsat least one major activity for its employees every month. Some pastactivities include an office massage day, Cubs games, and even abeach volleyball tournament. Nitel also hosts an employee 5krun/walk and donates all the proceeds to charity.
  7. 7. Model Metrics trusts its employees to get the job done, no matter where they are.Many of its workers use subsidized iPads and smart phones to work fromwherever they are. The company also allows employees to take as much time offas they want, as long as they fulfill their job requirements. The new officebuilding doesn’t have any offices, either. Employees can sit wherever and withwhomever.
  8. 8. Milhouse Engineering and Construction is all about Fridays. Every Friday iscalled “Orange Friday”, and employees are encouraged to wear their best andbrightest orange clothing. Whoever wears the most orange (one of Milhouse’sprimary colors) gets a reward that day. It could be cash or paid time off. Thecompany’s CEO also has a lunch delivered to the office every other Friday.Plus, with a monthly happy hour event at various local restaurants and bars,Milhouse works hard to make sure its employees feel appreciated.
  9. 9. If vacation is a priority for you, kCura is the place to work. Its employeesget 18 paid days off, plus another 11 paid holidays. That’s essentially awhole month of PTO! Throw in a lunchroom with darts, a game room,and a ping-pong table, and kCura is looking like a pretty cool place towork. In addition to the fun workplace environment, kCura throws partiesand has activities outside of work. Monthly happy hours, cook offs, andfamily picnics help employees enjoy time away from work, as well.
  10. 10. Assurance has multiple staff appreciation days, where the CEO and otherexecutives go out of their way to make sure employees know how muchtheir work is valued. They have had fresh fruit delivered, dance classes,and even an massage day. Employee wellness programs are alsoimportant at Assurance. The company provides its employees withexercise classes, a 5k run, and nutrition seminars to help improvewellness at work.
  11. 11. As an employee at Centro, you can expect yoga classes, freshfruit, concerts, basketball games and more. Besides these perks,Centro also provides employees with a ton of benefits and lots oftime off, too—15 paid days off, 10 personal days, paid holidays,paid maternal and paternal leave, tuition reimbursement, and athree week paid sabbatical after your first year. Workers even get afree gym membership.
  12. 12. Visit our website to discover other companies thathave received the O.C. Tanner Cool Culture