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6 Best Practices for Celebrating Careers


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Research proves that celebrating a person's service anniversary or career achievement is strongly correlated to increased tenure. Check out our six career celebration best practices that will help you create impactful recognition celebrations.

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6 Best Practices for Celebrating Careers

  1. 1. '-1* 1"? ‘T*‘l“ f ",1" x 1 C. ‘ Y ' I 1 FOR cEté3teATliii{ic “_ I ‘‘ RESEARCH PROVES CELEBRATING A PERSON’S SERVICE ANNIVERSARY OR CAREER ACHIEVEMENT IS STRONGLY CORRELATED TO INCREASED TENURE. THESE BEST PRACTICES WILL HELP YOU CREATE IMPACTFUL RECOGNITION CELEBRATIONS. When employees are celebrated for their career achievement: r" A A r— "3 2 - <- v >-< ‘~~. ‘V g/ 0 _/ I "n_/ I O E 1 i if l E F; + Recognize employees on or Companies that implement recognition near their anniversary date. training for managers see an increase in . , pm . ;.. ,). ,:. V:, l.: .l m PIJKI, “.1 J. ‘ satisfaction with the recognition experience. .. u‘u. ::»in. .ti~: _.| |;= i»: «mIi7»: i-:1 I)‘: i.. lTl. .C1>? l‘3 Cl Lil? -C Ci-l'l‘i| l‘ ‘ft ‘SET 't'| C>Z’ ». .I)I)l" ‘EJI ‘T-. .l 4- Provide training that teaches recognition best practices. “I feel very appreciated by my company when. .." Employees feel more appreciated and have greater loyalty toward their organizations when they receive tangible awards. ‘ On a scale of one through seven (with seven equaling ‘I feel very appreciated by my company‘) recipients rated the actual award at 4.21, while a presentation of recognition ranked 3.48. Yet. giving an award—aIong with a personalized presentation—took the rating up to 6.08. Recipients desired awards that satisfied their wants versus needs. Celebrating one or five years should feel very different than celebrating 25 years. Each distinct career milestone triggers specific emotions. ’ Understanding the emotions and psychology of someone at their one, three, five. 10-year (or more) anniversary will help in creating a more personalized and effective celebration. At 10 or more. consider inviting family members. fii'+“TE THEF- -Ll: l I ‘ fit Consult with the recipient on what they would like. Who should be invited? Who should speak? Invite peers to participate, especially those who know the recipient well and are familiar with his or her contributions. . .l= --:1» A) is F 1° l W. i*_l3°l¢‘*i 66% feel career celebrations strengthen relationships with co-workers. ‘ Share memorable stories that highlight the recipient's unique qualities and illustrate his or her contributions to the rest of the organization. Talk about what they've accomplished, linking these contributions to your brand values and overall vision of the organization. When employees better understand the connection between what they do and achieving top company goals. they are more likely to trust their employer. This trust leads to a high level of engagement, enhanced contributions. and commitment. l T if TH F You want the impact of the experience to live on. Record the event to give the employee a keepsake to save and share with family and friends. During the presentation itself. present a keepsake certificate and career achievement brochure with the award to serve as a valuable reminder of the day. Symbolic awards and pins also offer reminders of the cultu re, values. and meaning of the organization and specific career achievement. Research shows the benefits of recognition get amplified 6 times when integrated with social. ‘ Integration with social platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, let the employee's entire community— personal and profes siona| —offer congratulations. ll" )L ‘in r ml, » n_, ri; :? _i: *m. .iiW: n "rr; ::vli: >; ‘villi "I jC>k. i mic -ii». :ri ». :p' . .bv: -.~i ti" ' ’lli: :»’; r"i. ll" “ll ’“ i: :-mnr i‘: >i * lIL in _. ‘:l li: i'; ')l‘. ". ll‘ ll ’" h»: :>‘~ {her C : ‘“lTII: .ll: :lI‘i m .1'r. |n nv ; ~:. i’| | l3=L. ‘ll§I . .r‘; § r ’in; ..: >i‘c' . culltir '~ Cl in i: :v; ’:-: .i: ~w _'f'i. I)l'. :l-. .li: >lT _. rt; i F . .l *“: >r. ; U. C. TM! -i-IER Iii-ISTIIUIE : _i: _L. .i'iI': _r. ;:; ii"-“ii‘a; LiLi. Li. _