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Appreciation Changes Everything


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A wide range of research—including a compelling global study by Towers Watson—reveals appreciating great work accelerates employee engagement significantly. Across cultures, industries, and the world. The research reveals three key highlights.

1. Miscommunication: A gap exists between what a company thinks it’s doing to appreciate great work and what its employees see happening on a day-to-day basis. Only seven percent of employees say their company is excellent at appreciating great work, while 56 percent of management say their company is above average at appreciation.

2. Job Satisfaction: With only 14 percent of people being satisfied with their jobs, and nearly 80 percent citing a lack of appreciation as a key reason for leaving their jobs—what do employees really want? Some form of recognition every seven days. Research, however, shows that just over 50 percent of leaders recognize their employees once a quarter or less.

3. Recognition frequency: What do leaders need to recognize their employees frequently? They need three things: An easy way to recognize great work, to know what is appropriate to recognize, and a variety of tools and ideas to help them do it.

It’s proven that when leaders have the right tools, they expression appreciation and recognize the accomplishments of their people more often. And when that happens, engagement soars because appreciation changes everything.

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