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ABC's of Appreciation


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There are several ways to show your appreciation. Learn the ABC's of it.

A is for Applause

B is for a Beautiful Bouquet

C is for Celebrate Careers

D is for Daily Smile

E is for Ecard and Ebuttons

F is for Facebook shoutout

G is for Group Gathering

H is for High five

I is for Instant message

J is for Joyous celebration

K is for Kudos

L is for Leader appreciation

M is for MVP award

N is for Notice Effort

O is for standing Ovation

P is for Party

Q is for Quality award

R is for Reward Results

S is for Sincere gratitude

T is for Thank you

U is for Unexpected casual day

V is for Volunteering

W is for Welcome day off

X is for XO

Y is for Yummy treats

Z is for Zesty tweet

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ABC's of Appreciation

  1. 1. The of Appreciation s
  2. 2. ecard and ebuttons E facebook shout out Fdaily smile D celebrate careers Capplause A bouquet B
  3. 3. high five Hgroup gathering G instant message I kudos K leader appreciation Ljoyous celebration J
  4. 4. mvp award M notice effort N ovation (standing) O quality award Q reward results Rparty P
  5. 5. unexpected casual day Usincere gratitude S thank you T welcome day off W XO Xvolunteering V
  6. 6. zesty tweet Zyummy treats Y
  7. 7. APPRECIATE GREAT WORK O.C. Tanner develops employee recognition and rewards programs that help companies appreciate people who do great work. Find out more at: