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Ocre in a Nutshell - Dave Heyns


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On 10 September 2020, 1600-17:00 CEST, OCRE, in partnership with EARSC, held its webinar: OCRE Dynamic Earth Observation Procurement to provide suppliers of digital Earth Observation services an overview of the upcoming OCRE procurement.

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Ocre in a Nutshell - Dave Heyns

  1. 1. Dave Heyns, Project Director OCRE in a Nutshell EO Café 10 September 2020
  2. 2. Ambitions Europe is the largest producer of research data in the world. The EC wants to increase the use of this data and interconnect research IT infrastructures through the European Open Science Cloud. OCRE intends to – 1. Provide researchers with access to commercial cloud and digital services. 2. Drive the adoption of such services and stimulate the European digital economy. o Promote agility in local research activities (harness analytics platforms; machine learning; AI) o Support collaboration (both regional and global) o Drive broader EOSC ambitions (OPEN research; FAIR data; stimulation of SME development; sustainability) o Stimulate European digital economy o Grow emerging earth observation digital solutions (DIAS) o Provide for acquisition and service discovery (onboard onto EOSC-hub)
  3. 3. OCRE in a nutshell Research Community 3 KEY benefits - Validated cloud and EO services which meet the community’s needs Confirmed data privacy, contracting, billing integration, technical support and special pricing Integrated with the European Open Science Cloud Ready-to-use agreements (no need to run their own tenders) Apply for EC adoption funds available via OCRE (eligible research projects) Discipline focused PoC (EO)
  4. 4. OCRE in a nutshell Cloud (IaaS+) Tender 4 SURF SWITCHBELnet HEAnet NREN I I I I I I I R R R R R Institute Researcher 40 NRENS (countries) 10,000 Institutes Cloud Services Country 1 Supplier A Supplier B Country 2 Supplier C € €
  5. 5. OCRE in a nutshell EO Services - Tender 5 EO Services Supplier 1 Supplier 2 Supplier 3 DPS –  Supplier registration based on requirements identified in funding calls
  6. 6. OCRE in a nutshell Cloud and EO – Impact targets 6 Intend on consuming cloud and digital services to accelerate research outcomes Are able to demonstrate the impact of these services in terms of their outputs and agility Are not currently using these tools at scale Provide significant relevance in terms of their research discipline Form part of the broader European research community Hope to support further research and collaboration through their efforts Look to begin consuming services at year end 2020 or early 2021 Identify opportunities for hosting of FAIR data o Individual researchers (voucher funding) o Institutional projects (project funding) o Collaboration projects (co-funding of projects)
  7. 7. OCRE in a nutshell Cloud Funding - Calls 7 oFirst call published on September 15th, 2020 oFocused on project submissions by individual institutes (Wave 2) oMeet impact targets as described earlier oBroad in terms of reach (Discipline and location) oSigned off on by EAB oSocialised across all channels available to the project oWill provide precedent for future calls oFirst call will exclude opportunities for Buyer Groups
  8. 8. OCRE in a nutshell Earth Observations – Funding Calls 8 First call published on October 15th, 2020 Focused on project submissions by individual institutes (Wave 2) Meet impact targets as described earlier Require digital services consuming COPERNICUS data Are able to clearly describe these service in support of publication (DPS) Signed off on by EAB Socialised across all channels available to the project First call will exclude opportunities for Buyer Groups
  9. 9. OCRE in a nutshell GÉANT and the NRENs 9 KEY responsibilities - Catalogue of cloud and Digital Services Develop relationships with market in-country Provide access to call-off agreements Support local cloud forums Procure on behalf of R&E community (underwriter/Buyer Group) Evangelize services via webinars and conferences Host agreed upon supplier engagements Communicate funding calls for institutes Provide support for local buyer groups
  10. 10. Work Package 1: Project management External Advisory Board 10 oGuido Aben RDA oAna Juan Ferrer Atos Scientific Community oMarta Hoffman-Sommer Institute of Biochemistry/physics oShridhar Jawak Svalbard Integrated Arctic Earth Obs oGünther Landgraf ESA oSteven Newhouse EMBL-EBI oNicky Stewart UKCloud oEmanuele Storti EURODOC researcher oDebora Testi CINECA HPC
  11. 11. Thank you Please refer any questions to: david.heyns@gé