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Cloud Services for MCAA Fellows


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Researchers meet Innovators
Berlin – 11 July
Marion Devouassoux

Published in: Science
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Cloud Services for MCAA Fellows

  1. 1. Researchers meet Innovators Berlin – 11 July Marion Devouassoux CERN Cloud Services for MCAA Fellows
  2. 2. 15/07/20192 Few words about CERN ~ 3 500 Member of the personnel ~ 14 000 scientific users Budget (2019) ~1100 MCHF European Organization for Nuclear Research: founded in 1954 “Science for Peace” 1954: 12 Member States Today: 23 Member States Member States: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom Associate Member States: Pakistan, India, Ukraine, Turkey States in accession to Membership: Cyprus Applications for Membership or Associate Membership: Brazil, Croatia, Lithuania, Russia, Slovenia Observers to Council: India, Japan, Russia, United States of America; European Union, JINR and UNESCO
  3. 3. ##SAISExp1 Alice The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) The largest scientific experiment to date 1 PB / second of raw physics data 3 TOTEM
  4. 4. 15/07/20194 4 A consortium formed by Procurement of cloud based services for the European Open Science Cloud Budget: 9.5M euro Starting Date: 1st of January 2019 Duration: 36 Months Coordinating Partner: GÉANT
  5. 5. Objectives 15/07/20195 Accelerate cloud adoption in the European research community By running a pan-European tender and establishing framework agreements with cloud service providers that meet the specific requirements of the research community RESEARCHERS Easy adoption SERVICE PROVIDERS Easy delivery CLOUD FRAMEWORK Building on two delivery vehicles:
  6. 6. Cloud Vouchers 15/07/20196 In order to stimulate the uptake of commercial digital services by researchers in Europe
  7. 7. Cloud Voucher Description 15/07/20197 Providers selected in the GÉANT Cloud Framework invited in a mini-competition to provide vouchers Available as of September 2019 Main Characteristics: Free at the point of the user Face value: between €1000 and €5000 Valid for 1 year Can be used anywhere in Europe
  8. 8. 15/07/20198 Service and Financial Dashboard Expected that vouchers can be used against all services in the Cloud Provider Catalogue Dedicated working Environment Sufficient time to repatriate the data once the voucher is exhausted Vouchers in practice
  9. 9. 15/07/20199 Apply for a Voucher • Using the online form: vouchers • Takes ⁓ 10 minutes Vouchers Codes are distributed • Depending on the services / amount requested • Expected date: September 2019 Use the Voucher • Before the end of the validity period (1 year) Provide your feedback • Mandatory step Process Overview
  10. 10. Researchers Requirements Gathering Activity 15/07/201910 Based on 65 applications (between April 1st and May 31st 2019) Profile of the respondents: Mainly Eurodoc researchers Doing research in Europe, in diverse fields of research Mostly PhD candidate or postdoctoral researcher Management Studies
  11. 11. Researchers Requirement: First analysis 15/07/201911 The majority (60%) of the respondents have some experience with commercial cloud services Researchers are mostly interested in using: Compute Storage Data management Data visualization
  12. 12. 15/07/201912 Want a voucher for a cloud service? Fill in the form:
  13. 13. ##SAISExp1 13