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Welfare food stamps binder


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Youth for Justice/Project Citizen 2016
Winton Woods - Welfare System

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Welfare food stamps binder

  1. 1. Getting the Supportyouneed By: StarrAdams, Brianna Bradshaw, Kiara Gaines, and Makayla Whittie
  2. 2. Introducing the Problem
  3. 3. --------------~-~---------~- ~--~----:=-=-==-=-- ~--~~- -- . I ( About Food Stamps Food Stamps are a voucher given by the government to those on low income, to exchange for food. To qualify for food stamps, all people over the age of18 must register to worl< and be willing to participate on ,a worl< training program. For people who sre rurrently worl<ing, it is still possible in to apply if their income is under a certain amount each month per person. A household with children living in it can qualify for a little more than average. Both income and expenses are thought.of when deciding if a family qualifjes for the program.
  4. 4. Identifying The Problem Food stamps are a wayfor people to get the support they need. We believe that the income qualification limit should be raised. We believe it is too low and raising it will benefit the community.
  5. 5. - - - -- --- -----------· ------ - Issues 'Involved with the Problem • Not effective with resolving hunger. • Fraud and error are becoming more temmen ' • The qualifications often makes people stop working because they are afraid of making too much money and losing food stamps. • People rely on food stamps instead of getting bacl< on their feet.
  6. 6. ~~----- ------ ---- ~- ~~~-===-==-=~ ---------- ------------- - - ---- - - ------ ------~ ------- -------------- Other Proposed Policies Congress has been trying to change the welfare system, Changing the system Is going to be very hard. Since 1960, around six revisions for the welfare system have been passed. American taxpayers have been foreed to pay 5 trillion into the welfare system made to end poverty. The use of food stamps is staning to Increase since revisions have been made. ä,pt,All iffl'L-1,-~I
  7. 7. ---------------------·---------·--···------··---- ··----- ------- ·----- --- ---- ------- ---- ---------··- -- - -------------------~------~---- --------- Why People Disagree People might disagree with the raising uf maximum Income qualifications because it would become a burden to taxpayers. More people would become a part of the program and the size and cost of the food stamp program would rise. This means taxesthat are to be payed would rise and begin to cause a problem.
  8. 8. ==----:=-=----------==-"---=== ========~- -- --------------------------~-- --~~_ I I Bibliography ood-stamps-need-b e-reformed /experts-answer-vour-guestions-abo ut-food-stamps-and-snap are.html y-with-food-stamps/
  9. 9. Presenting an Alternative
  10. 10. Alternative ,Policy 1#1 The EBT and SNAP programs couldraisethe maximum amount of income allowed to make to qualify for food stamps. Advantages • The families who need food stamps but do not qualify because they make "too much money" can now get food stamps. . • WorkirigvlTldrê.poyrS.••gets·••peôple.J11Ôtê.lnçc>mê ~hich can get them off food stamps and back to a normal life. Disadvantages e. ,'10repeoplehaving access to them, tJ1ft~tf .g{Î??i~;t~Pffª?ª has a chance ofincreasing. -• / feople 111ay ,ab11sethé privilege of earning more income.
  11. 11. Alternative Policy#2 EBT and SNAP programs could raise the maximum hours allowed to work to qualify for food stamps. Advantages • People who need food stamps can'stíll wórkrriore hours while getting the food they need. • Families can have one men help provide funds for • Some adults using food stamps might bave jobs that might earn too much n1011ey working more hours. • The taxes of the community may rise is usage of food stamps 1ncr~ases.
  12. 12. Conflicts & Controversies Many poor adults are going to lose their food stamps because of the number of states that are changing the work requirements for the ptC>gram. 'The...change in work requirements will affect around 500,000 unemployed adults from 18-49 who don't live witha minor. Supplemental Nutrition ··Assistance Program
  13. 13. ,fli¡ 1 PLAN A ..~-: PLAN 5·~~ Alternative Solution Solution Raise the maximum income qualification
  14. 14. r Government Branch or Agency • Food Stamps would be handled at the state level. o The food stamp requirements and qualifications are different for each state. Example 1: Kentucky Hous,ebøld :Maxhtiurn, l'ne;ø:me Size* Level·(P,êr·Year) ---W.-.·m,,,,,,..=.v,~m-~,. ~m,.,.,,,.,,,,..,,,_ ,.,,.,._ ="""·W~~, 1 $1.5,SÖ1--...-.,--,.H ~•W•o~,.,,,.., .,,, ......... M,,... ~-,.,..,,., ... ,,,.,,....,._ •._, ...,,,.,..,,,.,,_,,. ... ,,,,,.,,,--,·. 2 $20,709 4 $31,525, ---,~-M.,,_, 5 Example 2: Utah Mr:n1!.11!'!nrnr1 Maxírn~m l'noøme i Level (Pe'rYf!lar) I r-··-···,.~·..----··-r- · $19,421 ¡ $26;285 .. i
  15. 15. Reasons and Evidence Since some people and.parents make a certain amount of money a week, they areunableto qualify for foodstamps. However, they are unable to make enough money to keep everything in·their homes tunning. 'This starts to cause hunger and obesity problems. Unfortunately, the healthier the food the more Parents änêl families then havé to make decisions on ífthey'Il use all their money forthe week on sofn.ething healthy,iorjust a portion of money to get enough···s11.acks···to1last····a'few days. UsHally those ..snacks include: chips, pop, candy, Jtiicè,tookies,·ect. Thus causing health problems.
  16. 16. Solution Raise the maximum income qualifications Advantages ·• lt will ensure takes a notice ofthe large .group of low-income individuals. • .They can earn. benefits because it is easier to get the food ..stamps. ;•, _ In a family ofthree; where the most Importantworking rnemberof the family. måkes ten dollars .per hour, th~ take-home incC>mt i ͧ raised /py 19 ~;20 percent accord,ing to the amount of hours worked. Disadvantages ... , , ... · ·' • The taxés. öftlie ;<:0111111unity may ríse.ís usage of food stamps • Some adults using food stamps might not have jobs that do not allow them to work a certain amount of hours. • Because there are more people having access to them, the rate of food stamp fraud has a chance of increasing.
  17. 17. A Constitutional Solution • All citizens shall be able to use this privilege, but also entitled to lose this privilege. • Any citizen that shall abuse the use of food stamps shall still face possible punishment. • The process CJ:fthí?solution being approved will ,stillfollowthró'ttgh··the government requirements.
  18. 18. Bibliography http://WWW.frac.Org/federa.1-foodnutrition-programs/snapfood- stamps/ .htm http:l/ ood-stamps. html http:l/ í
  19. 19. Plan of Action
  20. 20. Influencing the Public Supporters - People who get the SNAP or EBT program - People who care about this topic and are for the change Opponents (Need ln.iuenced} - Taxpayers - Congress
  21. 21. Government Officials? Supporters • Congress • The President • The 'Cabinet • Agency Bureaucrats _Opponents • Prominent Politicians
  22. 22. Action Plan • We need supporters to help take this issues to the state level These supporters include: • Students -• Companies • Community • Neighborhood • Interview students, teachers, or anyone who might understand or be going through problems with SNAP or EBT. -• Start by showing this presentation to anyone and everyone. :• Conduct surveys on how civilians feel on this topic. • Put all data together to submit to the state for review..
  23. 23. Why the Changes are Needed • {Household of 4) Average monthly income: $1,160 o Since that is the average, then most households of4 should be in the SNAP program. o Most families have to pay mortgage or rent, healthcare, taxes, childcare, and buy food for their home. o Some can't even afford a car, or their house, but are still "making too much money," • The chart in the next slide shows how mucha family of four makes in a year.
  24. 24. Statistics • This chart shows the average amount of money a year a household of 4 brings i11. • Dividing each cost by 12, gives an estimate of how much it would be a month. • Housing: $840/month • Transportation: $750/month • Taxes: $619/month • Food: $550/month 6,¡per¡diture Çat!lgory Annu.alAvørage Çost · ~ of !iU!lget Housing $10,0flO 16% Trar¡sportatlOl'l TIIKØS 7,432 Foôd 6,602 10% 5,&'28 9% 6,262 6% 3,631 6% 2,664 4% 1,834 35~ 1,604 3% ·t,131:1 2% 776 1% 664 1% 606 1% 63,781i 100% Debt Payments or Savings Entertainment Education Vices Mlscellaneous PersonalCare TOTAL
  25. 25. Bibliography http://www.fns.usdagov/snap/short-history-snap http://www.pressheraldcom/20l5/12íl4/feds-maine-dhhs ...proc esses-food-stamp:applications ...too-slowly/ http:l/ d_stamp_choices_should_people_be_allowed_to_buy_junk,,fo od_with,,theîr.html