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Juvenile drug use


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Youth for Justice/Project Citizen 2016
Winton Woods - Juvenile Drug Use

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Juvenile drug use

  1. 1. Juvenile Drug Use Presented By: Marianna Foreman, Ashleigh McNeil, Stephanie Lopez, and Jessica Lopez
  2. 2. What is the problem? The issue we are focusing on is juvenile drug use. According to an survey taken by NIDA shows that 46,000 teens use drugs and 10% are teens in Ohio. Studies show that most teens use drugs for these top 5 reasons. ➢Peer Pressure ➢Depression ➢Escape and Self Medication ➢Boredom
  3. 3. The Kaiser Foundation shows that 50% of teens feel that they have been pressured to do drugs. Peer Pressure
  4. 4. Depression Depressed teens are more likely to engage in other risky behaviors. “They are more likely than non - depressed teens to report daily cigarette use (5% vs 30%)and heavy alcohol use (5 % vs 20%).”
  5. 5. Escape and Self Medication Sometimes teens are not happy. They feel mad, sad, depressed. They feel like anything will make me feel better. Teens turn to drugs when they feel that way.
  6. 6. Boredom Sometimes teens don’t have anything to do. They are bored and often alone at home by themselves.
  7. 7. Rebellion Different rebellious teens choose different substances to use based on their personalities. “ Alcohol is the drug of choice for the angry teenager because it frees him to behave aggressively.
  8. 8. Understanding Issues involved in the problemAccording to office of juveniles justice and delinquency prevention there is a strong connection between juveniles involved in drugs and school performance. In this way juveniles don’t graduate and won’t work at a good job that they wanted before. 13-14 year olds juveniles who do poor on schoolwork that do drugs is 2.9% ,14-15 year olds who do drugs is 8.0% ,16-17 year olds is 11.2%.
  9. 9. Public Policies 1. The law of teen drug test tells us that random drug tests are provided by the state 2. Ohio has made laws for teens doing drugs and having possession of drugs is for the police to make sure our community is safe. Also to help teens with problems
  10. 10. Why should the government be involved? This will also help teens from being sent to jail or having their name in the juvenile system. If the government gets involved it will build a better community. According to the Office of Adolescent Health about 19% of males and 4% of females in Ohio have sniffed tobacco outside of cigarettes.
  11. 11. Alternatives
  12. 12. Alternative Policy I A recreation center would be a alternative because parents wouldn’t have to worry about there child being in the streets and turning to drugs. Disadvantages Having a recreation center could very costly Advantages Recreation centers have activities for teens to participate in
  13. 13. Alternative Policy 2 Rehab would be an alternative because it would give the teens an opportunity to change. The workers at the rehab center treats any additional needs the patient may have.
  14. 14. Alternative III We could prepare a powerpoint for the teens to teach the teens to not do drugs anymore. Also to tell what each drug does to the body and help them have a better outlook on drugs.
  15. 15. Controversies Parents are worried that teens will go back to the streets after the recreation center closes Most recreation centers close at 9 pm in Ohio
  16. 16. Solving the Problem
  17. 17. Alternative Policy Recreation Center
  18. 18. Government Agency The Mayor City Council
  19. 19. Advantages and disadvantages Advantages Activities for teens to participate in Teens are around positive influences Disadvantages Most recreation centers close at 9 Could be expensive to create an recreation center
  20. 20. Why is our Proposed Policy Constitutional The Department of Youth Services receive money General Revenue Fund to support Service, so these programs can support the creation of the recreation center
  21. 21. Action Plan
  22. 22. 1. Contact the Mayor and City Council and tell them why a recreation center should be built 2. Contact organizations who are against teen drug abuse 3. Teens enjoy the recreation center Action PlanAction Plan
  23. 23. PEERx, is an organization that helps find ways to prevent teens from doing drugs by allowing teens to wear shirts with a positive message and predicting their future Partnership for Drug Free Kids, their mission to educate parents, help families, inspiring teens, and building a healthy community Supporters
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