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Health class


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Youth for Justice/Project Citizen 2016
Winton Woods - Health Class

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Health class

  1. 1. Reformed Health Class By: Naomi Hall, Lessie Johnson, and Aicha Mohamed
  2. 2. Section 1 The Problem
  3. 3. THE PROBLEM The problem that we have identified is the fact that a lack of adequate sex education is harmful to students. There is also the problem of students with different sexualities who need to be educated about what to do and how to protect themselves. Some of the public say that abstinence only education is the answer to stop teens from having sex along with teen pregnancy. There are some teens who won’t chose abstinence, so abstinence-only are not the answer.
  4. 4. Teen Pregnancy Did you know that birth rates fell 13% for women aged 15-19 years old? In 2013 a total of 273,105 babies were born by women ages 15-19 years old. Birth rates were about 26.5 per 1000 women in this age group. If sexual education was taught this situation would be prevented, this is another reason why we would like to improve the sexual education system to decrease the percentage of teen pregnancy.
  5. 5. Here you can see a pie chart of the Pregnancies by Intention Status. As you can see the majority of these pregnancies are unintended.
  6. 6. Abstinence-only programs is a form of sexual education that teaches no intercourse until marriage. Abstinence-only programs are an issue because some schools only teach abstinence only which some students will chose to follow. If a student chooses not to follow this form of education then they should know what to do in case they do make that decision, if the school is not an abstinence- only school, then the student can learn from the other units that the health class will teach. Abstinence-Only Programs
  7. 7. Diseases that could be prevented with adequate sexual education STD- Sexually transmitted diseases are infectious disease that can be spread from person to person through contact. AIDS- Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, a disease that handicaps the body’s ability to fight viruses. HIV-Human immunodeficiency virus, a disease that handicaps that body’s ability to fight viruses. HPI- Human papillomavirus infection, an infection that causes warts in various parts of the body. Gonorrhea- A sexually transmitted bacteria that, if untreated, may cause infertility, inability to become pregnant.
  8. 8. ISSUES THAT ARE PREVENTED USING SEX ED Some issues that are prevented through sex ed classes are teen pregnancy, sexual diseases and unprotected sex. If students have proper health and sexual education, these issues could be reduced immensely. Sex ed is very important because it shows and teaches the students how to be safe, how to be prepared for the future and make the right choices.
  9. 9. Why The Government Should Be Involved The level of government that needs to be involved is the federal government. The government should be involved because the material that health class covers are world wide problems. Health class examines drugs, teen pregnancy, sexually diseases, unprotected inercourse, and the human body and how to protect it. Recent estimates from the lab of Center for Diseases and Infections, show that are 19.7 million new STD cases every year in the United States. Teens need a new, reformed health class. Each year one in four young people becomes infected with an STD or STI before or by the age of 25.
  10. 10. SECTION 2 Alternative Policies
  11. 11. Have Sex Education in gym class. Have Sex Education in science class. Have a separate semester or year long health class with a Sex Education Unit.
  12. 12. Pros and Cons of Alternative Policy #1: Have sexual education in gym class Pros Students can learn about what they want or need to learn about. Students can learn about stuff involving health. There would be enough teachers to teach the class It wouldn’t cost the school any extra money Cons The students may not be mature enough to talk about sexual education in gym. It will be a shortened unit because gym class is more about physical education.
  13. 13. Pros and Cons of Alternative Policy #2: Have sexual education in science class Pros Learn more about the body Learn how hormones work and what they do to the body. There could be advantage in having sexual education in science and learn more about the body than given in health class in gym Cons The other units in science class may have to be shorter It is taking an important class and shortening it instead going to it’s full extent
  14. 14. Pros and Cons of Alternative Policy #3: Have separate health class or year-long health class with a sexual education unit Pros Health class will taught to the full extent. It will spend more time on the health issues that are major. Having a long health class lets students have more time to ask questions and have a better understanding. Having a separate health class gives the students enough time focus on specific units that the students need to learn Cons The school will have to get more teachers, along with being more costly. The school will have to figure out how to fit the health class in the schedule. The semester or separate health class will be mixed with grades.
  15. 15. Controversies and Conflicts ● Alternative policy #1: When having sexual education in gym class, no other subject would be disrupted by taking time out or even adding an extra bell. ● Alternative policy #2: By having a sexual education class in science you can see many ways in how science is involved with your health. ● Alternative policy # 3: When having a separate semester health class, you can have more time to take a understanding in what health really is with out moving on to other things in the unit.
  16. 16. SECTION 3 The Plan
  17. 17. PUBLIC POLICY THAT ADDRESSES THE PROBLEM The public policy that we chose to address the problem is to offer a semester long health class with a sex education unit. The branch of government that we think should handle this situation is the state. This shows how without these materials that health talks about sex education, more people would take sex education a little more seriously. This policy will best improve the students understanding of sexual education because they have an hour of every school week, for an entire school year, and that will give them more time to learn about what they need to stay safe and be prepared.
  18. 18. Our Evidence Students will feel more comfortable talking about other thing mixed in with sex education. Student would take sex education a little more seriously and be more prepared for life. Students would see how sex education fits into health, by showing things like if you get some sort of disease and what body part will affect it.
  19. 19. OUR SURVEY RESULTS Based on informal surveys and conversations, many students at WWMS believe there is a need for reformed Sex Education at our school. More data is needed regarding this aspect. Part of our Action Plan would include distributing a survey to students, parents and teachers. Those surveys would be given as soon as they are approved by the principal.
  20. 20. Advantages and Disadvantages Advantages You can learn more things about your body that you don’t understand You talk about how to protect your body for diseases or getting sick Having a long health class lets students have more time to ask questions and have a Disadvantages Finding a way to fit a health class in school schedule. Hiring more teachers on a low budget. Might extend school a little longer.
  21. 21. Why this public policy is constitutional Health Education helps motivates students to maintain their health from diseases and risky actions in the near future. Health education teaches students about physical, mental, emotional and social health, which they might need in the future. Health education also helps encourage students in picking the better choice in what they do with there body.
  22. 22. Section 4 Take Action
  23. 23. Groups Affected by Policy Supporters Students Parents Physical Department Science Department Principal Opponents Principal Parents The PTA Superintendent
  24. 24. Government Officials Affected by Policy Supporters Superintendent School Board Opponents Superintendent School Board
  25. 25. Action Plan Our plan is to make surveys and present our presentation to the teachers and students to make sure that they support us. The information that we get from the students, we will use it when we present to the principal, Mr. Sanker. Once we have his support, the group will then present to the Superintendent who, if we get his support, will make it easier to the get the support of the School Board who will get more teachers to put our policy into effect.
  26. 26. Steps For Action Plan Present this project to our peers in class. Take this to the principal. Present this problem to the school board. Show our evidence and gain support from the PTA
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