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Copy of bond issue


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Youth for Justice/ Project Citizen 2016
Winton Woods - Bond Issue

Published in: Education
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Copy of bond issue

  1. 1. Project Citizen ~ The Bond Issue Shanoah Moore, Kaelyn Taylor, Jamie Ke
  2. 2. About the Bond Issue
  3. 3. What is the Bond Issue? The bond issue is a way for schools or publicly funded organizations to raise money. The bond can be issued to Winton Woods City Schools like a loan.
  4. 4. The Problem We are working on getting the Bond Issue to pass so the Winton Woods City Schools can be rebuilt. Our district operates 11 facilities enclosing over 690,000 square feet or almost 16 acres. Most of the facilities are 40 to 50 years old or more. The present value of these facilities and the equipment they contain is $137,000,000. We are now at a point where building new facilities makes far more financial sense than repairing and/or renovating what we have.
  5. 5. The Problem (Continued) Winton Woods Middle School is slowly falling apart. Tiles are coming out of the floor Ceilings in the bathrooms are falling apart Out of date schools Leaks in the ceilings Ineffective heating and cooling systems in classrooms
  6. 6. Visual Evidence Water Fountain by the Library Girls bathroom upstairs
  7. 7. Disadvantages ● Riskier Tax Payments ● Rising Interest Rates ● Credit Risk ● Borrowing money Ex.) When a publicly funded organization borrows too much money, they are no longer able to pay back their lenders.
  8. 8. Advantages ● New School Facilities ● More Opportunities for Students ~ Academic Opportunities ~Athletic Opportunities ● New Equipment ● Better Learning Environment
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  10. 10. Alternative Solutions
  11. 11. Main Solution The main solution is to get the Bond Issue to pass and get new school facilities. We want to have better learning opportunities and, in order to do that, we need the best learning environment. Getting the bond issue passed will not only benefit academics but will also give better opportunities for our sport programs. Students in sports will get a chance to get scholarships. But we all know that “student” comes first in “Student Athlete”--our main focus is the academics part.
  12. 12. Alternative Solution #1 Our first alternative solution would be to push the date back on when they vote on the Bond Issue. This would give us time to convince the community to vote for the issue.
  13. 13. Alternative Solution #1 Pros ● Gives us time to collect data ● Allows people to do research ● Gets the community involved Cons ● People might think too much about it and change their mind. ● More work has to be put into it ● The community might not listen
  14. 14. Alternative Solution #2 Our second alternative solution would be to reallocate current funding throughout the schools. If we get granted the bond issue money we would have more different ways to distribute our funding. We would use some money on classrooms, bathrooms, cafeterias and to upgrade our technology.
  15. 15. Alternative Solution #2 Pros ● Students will have more resources. ● Students would have more opportunities to do more activities. Cons ● Giving money to the schools means the new construction won’t happen and the cost of upkeep will continue to rise.
  16. 16. Alternative Solution #3 Our third alternative solution would be to develop a bond program that leads discussions about the program, facilities’ conditions, future directions and what is needed to support education properly. Bond supporters should get the whole community involved early in the process and keep the school board informed. This program would be a big help to get the board's attention.
  17. 17. Alternative Solution #3 Pros ● Students will have a better learning environment. ● Students can interact with others to help pass the Bond Issue with the bond program. Cons ● Most people wouldn’t join this program. ● A lot of people don’t support the Bond Issue and it would take time to convince people to support the issue. ● Convincing the board of education to help develop the bond program.
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  19. 19. Course of Action
  20. 20. Action Plan 1 Form a committee that is dedicated to seeing the Bond Issue pass. Establish a need in the bond campaign. Be honest with constituents in our district. Tell people how much their taxes will go up.
  21. 21. Action Plan 2 ❏Create a website: creating a website gives voters detailed information about the Bond Issue. ❏Walkthrough: Walk different people through the building to show how we need the bond issue to get passed. ❏Create Posters/Give out flyers: Creating posters and giving out flyers will give the people that aren't big on technology to get informed about the issue. ❏Give opportunities to students to work for their community service hours by having them help out at the community center and passing out information on the bond issue.
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  23. 23. Plan Of Action
  24. 24. Alternative Solution #2 We plan to follow Alternative solution #2. We think it’s the best solution to follow because it would still benefit us even if we don't get granted the Bond Issue money.
  25. 25. Website Creating a website would be beneficial to those who would want information that hasn’t been provided. The website will give you a virtual tour of our school building and pictures of different rooms and equipment to show that it would be useful to get new material and a better learning environment.
  26. 26. Website: Visuals
  27. 27. Posters/Flyer Designing posters and flyers could help to show how serious the Bond Issue is and it could help with getting more people involved to help getting it passed.
  28. 28. Walkthrough For the walkthrough we would have different groups of students to show people around the school on different days to show people just how much our school is falling apart and need new buildings.
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