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Marion Sterling- Keys to Getting Any Job- Struggling Parents


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Marion Sterling- Keys to Getting Any Job- Struggling Parents

  1. 1. Keys to Getting Any Job School: Marion Sterling Tutor: Megan Hobart Students: Tenesna Jones, Michelle Kirkland, Devin Pink, Takayla Chatman Teacher: Tessa Scott Our story: Every day we see our parents, family members, family friends, and neighbors struggle to get jobs and provide for themselves and their families. Many people are hungry, do not have proper clothing, and are homeless because of this. When parents struggle to get a job, the children and the entire family suffer and we do not want to see people struggling like this anymore. Part of the problem may be that adults are looking for jobs, but they do not know the right places to look, how to write a great resume, or how to correctly act during an interview. Background  As you can see on our board, the unemployment rate in the U.S. is 5.5% and in Cleveland, it is 6.4%.  Some reasons that the unemployment rates remain as high as they are is because many unemployed people do not know how to answer problem interview skills, how to describe their job skills, or maintain proper personal appearance.  We also did some research to find the information that we put into our flyer. Alternatives  Before we chose our action plan, we thought about a few other solutions to this issue.  Our first option was to have a college fair for parents in order to encourage parents to go back to school so they could get a better job. However, there was not enough time to organize this college fair.  The second possibility was to distribute the flyer that we made at the Marion Sterling Food Pantry. The information would be given directly to people who could use it, but it was challenging to get our group there after school. In the end, a representative from JCU came to our school with our flyer and put it out during one of the monthly food pantries so that residents who were coming in to the school for food could pick up a flyer.
  2. 2.  The last option was to have a food or clothing drive. A food or clothing drive would have provided struggling parents with the things they need, but it would not have been a long lasting solution. Action Plan  Our plan was to teach adults how to successfully search for a job was to distribute information about how to write a good resume, where to look for a job, and how to act during an interview.  We made a flyer with all of this information, so that we presented it in a way that is quick and easy to read.  In order to distribute this information, we made copies of the flyer and passed them out to our classmates and the seventh grade class so they could take them home to their parents.  The flyers were also distributed at the April 24th food pantry at Marion Sterling to all participants who came in for food.  We hope that our parents will use this information if they are looking for a job so that they can get a good job and will not be struggling anymore. A note from one of the judges: I am excited to see that 2nd and 3rd place went to the projects I was able to judge. I was truly moved by the girls who presented the “Keys to Getting Any Job” project. One girl explained to me that she went with her mother to the library and helped her make a resume using the research they had done for this project. I was blown away by every student I talked to and every project I saw. – Alyssa Giannirakis, Cleveland Food Bank
  3. 3. Pictures from the Youth for Justice Summit at JCU, May 1, 2015 (Third place finish)
  4. 4. Keys to Getting Any Job 1. Look for Job Openings 2. Write or Update a Resumé 3. Have a Great Interview What Do Employers Look for In a Resume?  They wantto know what you can do for them.  A resumeshould be reader friendly.  It should be easy to find company names, titles held, and dates employed.  Most employerswillonly spend 15-20 seconds reviewinga resume. Tips for Finding a Job  Revise your resumébefore you start job hunting  Preparefor the job interview.  Makea list of work-related skills that you would like to learn Interview Tips  Practice good nonverbal communication.  Dressfor the job or company.  Listen  Use appropriatelanguage.  Answer the questions.  Ask questions  Arrivein the office 10-15 minutes before your appointmenttime.  Look great, arrive prepared, and have a conversation.  Do prior research on the company.  Bringcopies of your resumé.  Follow up a week after the interview.