At Risk Factors of Gang Invlovement


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At Risk Factors of Gang Invlovement

  1. 1. III. What Factors Put an Individual at Risk of Joining a Gang? a. Lack of employment b. Poverty c. Social isolation d. Domestic violence e. Negative peer networks f. Lack of parental supervision g. Academic failure, lack of academic interest “The existence of gangs is one of the leading factors of growth of violence in cities,” –
  2. 2. Interview Results “Gang violence affects every aspect of the community, so that everything and everyone suffers.” - Heritage Middle School Social Studies Teacher, Jennifer Bill, when asked about the effects of gang activity. “An increase in intergenerational programs, extracurricular activity and positive role models are needed in the community.” - Community volunteer and past gang member, Elder Hill, when asked what should be done to prevent future gang violence.
  3. 3. Survey Results The survey results reveal that 8th grade students are more exposed to gang violence than 7th grade students. We can conclude that there is a greater need for gang prevention resources for 8th grader students, than for 7th grade students. 8th Grade Students Who Have Seen Gang Violence in Their Community Students who have seen gang violence Students who have not seen gang violence 7th Grade Student Who Have Seen Gang Violence in Their Community Students who have seen gang violence Students who have not seen gang violence
  4. 4. Alternative Action Plans 1. Gang Violence Awareness Bracelets a. Pros i. Would bring attention to the injustice of gang violence ii. May encourage students to unite together to prevent gang violence in their community b. Cons i. Bracelets are expensive ii. Getting students to pay for the bracelets may be difficult 2. Creation of Gang Violence Prevention Website a. Pros i. Would publicize gang violence issue ii. Would serve as an educational resource for interested students and members of the community b. Cons i. May be expensive ii. Process of developing the website would take too long 3. Informational Posters a. Pros i. Informative sources of information for students and faculty ii. Would provide students with the opportunity to learn more about gang violence, if they feel uncomfortable discussing the topic to an adult b. Cons i. Posters may be ignored by students and faculty ii. Posters may be taken down after a period of time