The information available on this Safety Flash and our associated web site is provided in good faith and only for the
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Msf safety-flash-13.35

  1. 1. The information available on this Safety Flash and our associated web site is provided in good faith and only for the purposes of enhancing safety and best practice. For the avoidance of doubt no legal liability shall be attached to any guidance and/or recommendation and/or statement herein contained. - 1 - Marine Safety Forum – Safety Flash 13-35 Issued: 5th August 2013 Subject: Water Hose Near Miss A 3rd party water service company was tasked with supplying 75 tonne of water to a vessel berthed on the quayside. The water service company connected the hose and on approval from the vessel AB, switched on the water supply. Periodic checks were made by the water service company between working a different vessel berthed further down the quayside. Approximately an hour into the task, the vessel AB noticed the tank was close to overflowing so attempted to close the valve on the quayside at point (A). Due to the AB not knowing the position of the water shut off valve (point B), the AB disconnected the hose from the connection (point A) which was under 3 bar of pressure at the time. The pressurised hose parted from the connection causing the water meter to disconnect into the harbour narrowly missing the vessel AB. What went wrong?  Inadequate warning / safety devices – Pressurised water connections were easily accessible to vessel AB.  Inadequate Information – Vessel AB was new to the job and was unaware of the position of the quayside shut off valves.  Operating Equipment without Authority – The Vessel AB attempted to shut of valve without the authority / supervision of the water service company.  Failure to Recognize Hazardous Conditions –Vessel AB failed to recognise hazards with disconnecting a pressurised system. Water Service Company failed to recognise the hazards of leaving the task unattended.  Inadequate Planning – Toolbox talk was not carried out between water Service Company and vessel. Key Actions:  Planning Water Service Company to implement toolbox talk procedure with vessels prior to work commencing which will indicate responsibilities during water call - off operations. All parties to sign when responsibilities understood.  Planning / information - Vessel packs updated with location of shut of valves on the quayside facility.  Safety devices – Water shut-off valve to be relocated to beside the connection point.  Safety devices – Water connection housing to be locked during operations to prevent unauthorised personnel from disconnecting the water hose. Water Service Company to manage key control.  Loading – operation supervised by a Deck Officer.