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Let’s Get Tweeting!.ppt

  1. 1. Let’s Get Tweeting! 5 Tips To Increase Your Twitter Traffic
  2. 2. Follow Back • When someone “follows” your Twitter account make sure to “follow” them back. Following back lets them know that you are active on Twitter, and therefore in business. Of course their will be some individuals that follow your account that will be “spammers”. You can always “unfollow” an account if you find the information inappropriate.
  3. 3. Retweet! • To have success in Twitter you must look for interesting or important information to “Retweet.” Find accounts in your community or industry that regularly share useful information and see what they are “tweeting” about. Local weather alerts, road closures, charity events, special deals and occasions are all positive “ReTweets” that spread your brand.
  4. 4. @Mentions • Every Twitter account has a name or a handle. They are often a shortened version of the business or person’s name. If you wish to “tweet” to that person or account you must use the “@” mention sign to do so. • Mentioning others in Twitter gets your brand attention, increased followers & an opportunity to start the conversation.
  5. 5. #HashTags • HashTags are an important strategy to use when you “tweet”. Using HashTags can help your account grow. If you want your tweet to be noticed by certain Twitter accounts using a HashTag on the topic will help. Watch how other accounts are using these tags #. • Using # in front of a topic in the search bar can help you find accounts to follow, Retweet . If you are a realtor you might search #realestate.
  6. 6. Say “Thanks” • It is important in “Twitter” to “Thank” people and accounts that have Followed you, Retweeted you, @Mentioned you or Favourited one of your tweets. Don’t ignore the opportunity to show a little gratitude to accounts that are supporting your brand and Twitter identity.
  7. 7. Thank You! For taking the time to watch! If you are interested in further Twitter Tips Email - Follow Us On Twitter - @cktechconnect