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Service jam helsinki_2013-can i buy


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Global Service Jam 2013 - Can I buy?

Tool for clever consuming. Phone app to help people direct their consuming to more meaningful things rather than to instant gratification of casual shopping.

Result of 48 h hard thinking and working. Our product sketch is a budget tool to visualize your money, meaning how much you have and also to show how an impulse buy (say nice pair of shoes...) would effect your monthly budget prior purchase. The in-built My Dream-functionality allows you to set a savings goal and app uses this goal also as a motivator to deter the user from unnecessary purchases. App also would provide a reporting function (weekly/monthly spending by user designated categories) and learning background system.

Presentation is a "limited" version sans video.

Other team members were in no particular order:

Thomas Abrell, Javi Amate, Jenni Mäenpää, Sourav Mandal, Adalgisa Santos, Jianing Ye

Warm thanks to everyone!

Solely Mac-friendly full version can be found here.

Published in: Economy & Finance
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Service jam helsinki_2013-can i buy

  1. 1. Sourav Mandal Javi Amati Thomas Abrell Engineering / India Design / Spain Business / Germany Jianing Ye Timo Ryttäri Jenni Mäenpää Adalgisa SantosBusiness / China Design / Finland Design / Finland Design / Brazil
  2. 2. ideationinspiration implementation Tim Brown, 2008: Design thinking
  3. 3. BrainstormingOwn experiences Iteration Observation Interviewing people Learning from mistakes of friends inspiration
  4. 4. In-Depth Interviews Decision making Feedback Benchmarking Post-It War :-)Prototyping ideation
  5. 5. Getting things done. implementation
  6. 6. Solution
  7. 7. Thank you.