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CBD/EBSA data and information and IOC-UNESCO


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Presentation given at the side event organized by the CBD secretariat during the BBNJ meeting, United Nations, NYC.

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CBD/EBSA data and information and IOC-UNESCO

  1. 1. Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO Ward Appeltans Project manager OBIS CBD side event, UN BBNJ, 20 January 2015, New York
  2. 2. Global Ocean Observing System
  3. 3. GOOS Regional Alliances Framework for sustainable ocean observation systems
  4. 4. Essential Ocean Variables
  5. 5. Developing a framework for sustained biological and biogeochemical ocean observing systems GOOS Biology and Ecosystems 13-15 Nov 2013 EOV meeting Australia
  6. 6. Design Biological Observing Systems taking into account the:  CBD/EBSA criteria  CBD/EBSA data and information availability and gaps Based on readiness, feasibility and impact enroll global ocean observations that can directly feed the CBD/EBSA process. GOOS and CBD/EBSA
  7. 7. OBIS is the world’s largest open access, online data system on the diversity, distribution and abundance of marine species 42 million observations +116,000 marine species +1,400 datasets
  8. 8. Capacity Development Process, quality control, publish and access and use marine biodiversity data
  9. 9. Capacity Development All lectures remain available online via video and powerpoint
  10. 10. IOC Ocean Teacher Regional Training Centres “To ensure equitable participation of all States in global initiatives”