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What can you learn from the brands you have never heard of?


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It is all too easy to focus on global brands and familiar national brands in our home market as case studies for innovation or best practice. However, numerous successful brands around the world are (so far) only well-known in their local markets. Analysing how and why these companies are prospering, can teach other firms looking to expand into new territories how to make the most of the opportunity. During the recent SheerLuxe conference in London, we discussed examples of what you can learn from brands you’ve never heard of, with a range of luxury brands.

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What can you learn from the brands you have never heard of?

  1. 1. What can you learn from brands you have never heard of? Greig Holbrook Founder, Oban International @ObanIntl 1
  2. 2. obaninternational.com2
  3. 3.
  4. 4. • Top rank of French men's fashion sites • Editorial first, plus now has online store, physical stores • Nearly 5 million unique visitors, 2017 • 99% satisfaction rate for their clothing brand 4 F R A N C E
  5. 5. “BonneGueule is anti- marketing. Content has priority over products.” 5 Christine, France
  6. 6. • Written in French • Emotional content that builds brand story 6 92k likes
  7. 7. Tactics • Authenticity builds community • Media first approach, goal is to inform not sell • Content excellence not sacrificed • Become reference for good brands • Repeat visitors • No discounting • Profitable store business 7
  8. 8. obaninternational.com8 C A N A D A • Backpack, luggage brand • Aimed at 18-to-35-year-old • Capturing the retro backpack trend • Invoking American nostalgia • 44 retail locations worldwide
  9. 9. “To create a brand that people covet, the air of elusiveness surrounding the brand must be maintained.” 9 Krisztina, Canada
  10. 10. • Written in English • Posts create sense of wanderlust and promote travelling with their products 10 959k followers
  11. 11. obaninternational.com11 Tactics • Avoid mass marketing • Strategic advertising on social media • Focus on Instagram • Selective brand partnerships • Regional customization and personalization • Local retailer partnerships Liberty of London
  12. 12. obaninternational.com12 C A N A D A • Luxury winter outerwear • Toronto, founded 1957 • Europe & Japan but more recently popular in the United States • Four country-specific sites • 15 to 20 physical stores worldwide by 2020
  13. 13. obaninternational.com13 “The pillar of its consumer strategy is e-commerce - be online everywhere around the world.” Krisztina, Canada
  14. 14. obaninternational.com14 • Videos in English • Goose People campaign: adventurous lifestyle and sense of discovery/exploration 4k subscribers | 3k – 710k views per video
  15. 15. Tactics • Country-specific sites - in Canada, the U.S., U.K. and France • Targeting consumers with tailored experience • Plans to roll out seven more European websites this year 15
  16. 16. • Clothing brand • One of first Brazilian brands to work with bloggers • Fast fashion ecommerce site 16 B R A Z I L
  17. 17. “Guide Shop – stores where you can go try on any product, but buy it online (from the app, in- store/tablets) with same-day delivery.” 17 Gabriela, Brazil
  18. 18. • Written in Portuguese • Combination of products and lifestyle photos creates a strong/coveted brand image 18 3k followers
  19. 19. • Combination of English & Portuguese songs • Extends the fun of Amaro brand into everyday lives of the consumer 19 200+ follows
  20. 20. obaninternational.com20
  21. 21. obaninternational.com21
  22. 22. obaninternational.com22
  23. 23. Tactics • Guide shops • Buy online only • Same-day delivery • Creates excitement • Quality and Consumer Trust • Minimising returns 23
  24. 24. obaninternational.com24 • Gold and Diamond jewellery brand • Focus on engagement and wedding ring market • ecommerce with fast turnaround S W I T Z E R L A N D
  25. 25. “Taking personalization to the next level – ten thousand combinations are possible, depending on creativity and the budget.” 25 Alessia, Italy
  26. 26. • Captions written in both English and French • Curated feed combines product photos with nature shots to promote collections 26 7k follows
  27. 27. Tactics • Personalisation • Allows customer to express creativity • Fast turn-around • Create intuitive user experience 27
  28. 28. obaninternational.com28 S P A I N • Trading social media platform • Merged with LetGo to penetrate US market • Combines mobile platform, GPS to arrange face-to-face purchasing with people in vicinity
  29. 29. “First second-hand platform to offer a mobile native solution with GPS geolocation adapted to new purchasing methods.” 29 Maria, Spain
  30. 30. • Posts written in Spanish • Promotion of existing advertising campaigns • Customer support and playful interactions 30 34k follows
  31. 31. Tactics • Mobile devices, apps, geolocation, and collaborative economy • Easy to use and fast • User experience 31
  32. 32. obaninternational.com32 M A L A Y S I A • Omnichannel fashion retailer • Local Asian brands to consumers worldwide • Ships globally • 500 brands housed • Next target is West Asia
  33. 33. “From online marketplace to bricks and mortar stores.” 33 Kam Ling, Malaysia & Singapore
  34. 34. • Written in English • Instagram stories show behind the scenes and direct customers to physical stores 34 559k followers
  35. 35. obaninternational.com35 Tactics • Focus on local brands • Investment to assist brands scale up • Innovative end-to-end solution creates strong relationships and loyalty with designers • Identify strong niche – Hijab market • Approachable – created community • Founders as brands
  36. 36. obaninternational.com36 D U B A I • Ecommerce marketplace • Founded in Dubai, 2005 • Aimed at Arabic speaking Middle East markets • Local and imported products
  37. 37. “Building success by removing barriers to online purchasing.” 37 Remon, Egypt
  38. 38. • Written in English & Arabic • Promoting sales and discounts to different audiences based on language 38 10mil likes
  39. 39. obaninternational.com39 Tactics • Understand barriers to success • Build consumer trust • Address customs charges • Build product list • Offer exclusive imported products
  40. 40. obaninternational.com40 • Ecommerce lingerie sites (and • US (shipping to 100 countries) • Aimed women of all ages, shapes and sizes U S A
  41. 41. obaninternational.com41 “HerRoom was created and evolved with features designed to make online lingerie shopping as easy and enjoyable as possible.” Alice, US
  42. 42. obaninternational.com42 • Videos in English • Educational videos help customers choose products and minimizes returns 14k subscribers | Top video has 2.7m views
  43. 43. obaninternational.com43 Tactics • Clear purpose • Videos and filters to aid size selection • Make easy to select right size Universal Cup Size (UCS) • Builds trust in seller that is keen to have happy customers • Reduces returns and disappointment
  44. 44. obaninternational.com44 • Fashion ecommerce company • Japan and America • ZOZOSUIT allows shoppers to purchase from the ZOZO collections for men and women • Part of Start Today J A P A N
  45. 45. obaninternational.com45 “The ZOZOSUIT features patented sensor technology that is capable of capturing 15,000 precise measurements unique to each customer.” Masaharu, Japan
  46. 46. obaninternational.com46 • Posts written in Japanese • Daily offers and coupon codes create a more exciting shopping experience for customers 89k likes
  47. 47. obaninternational.com47
  48. 48. obaninternational.com48 Tactics • Revolutionary measurement device • Create clothes guaranteed to fit every time • Upload measurements from home • Reduce returns • Build trust and customer satisfaction
  49. 49. obaninternational.com49 Summary • Enormous growth in demand in international markets • Innovative approaches are delivering success locally • E-commerce adaptation moving at very fast pace • Truly localised are not based on English speaking versions • Local brands help create the market which can be tapped into incorporating local strategies that work
  50. 50. What can you learn from brands you have never heard of? Greig Holbrook Founder, Oban International @ObanIntl 50
  51. 51. Thank you! 51