International Campaigns – Why Biddable Media is the Answer - #BiddableWorld London 21.01.2014


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International Campaigns – Why Biddable Media is the Answer

Nandita Patkar – Head of Paid Search, Oban Multilingual Strategy

Oban Multilingual's Nandita Patkar offered insights on how inherent characteristics of Biddable Media, combined with latest developments in the industry and markets, squarely set Paid Media as the right investment avenue for marketing multinational, online brands.

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International Campaigns – Why Biddable Media is the Answer - #BiddableWorld London 21.01.2014

  1. 1. Why Biddable Media is the answer INTERNATIONAL CAMPAIGNS January 2014
  2. 2. About Oban 2 Established in 2002, we’re now one of the market leading multilingual search agencies. We operate globally in more than 30 markets optimising our client campaigns to markets and people – not just languages. Our ethos is to improve the performance of global websites and online platforms using local knowledge and real cultural influence. It’s how the web works best – in-market. We are anti-translation and anti-replication – because one size does not fit all. Our unique combination of cultural search and cultural conversion delivers a consistent consumer experience wherever the click happens. We’re growing in size, client base and services.
  3. 3. Services 3 Drive organic traffic globally. Ethical, creative SEO in almost any language or on any search engine Multilingual SEO Oban delivers international PPC in-market anywhere in the world. International PPC We work every day to improve the natural search and paid search visibility of international mobile sites. Global Mobile When cultural factors affect how people behave online, we make it our business to harness that knowledge for yours. Cultural CRO Amplify overseas sales and reach into new online markets through the power of Oban market research. Global Research Empower your staff. Oban are the official training supplier for Econsultancy’s multilingual search courses. We can also transfer our expert skills directly through our tailored workshops. Web Training Deliver the ultimate localised social media experience in any part of the world. Global Social Media Expertly crafted multilingual content marketing to support a wider international search strategy. Multilingual Content
  4. 4. Local search, globally • Localised linguistics vs. translation creates authenticity and trust • We believe strongly in creating unique strategies per market • Our local teams understand market nuances, local search linguistics and local consumer attitudes in a wide range of sectors • We deliver local insight from each market through centralised strategy and account management 4
  5. 5. Proud to be working with 5 Clients trust us to deliver better digital campaigns globally. We work wherever business needs to be. Go online to read more of our success stories to discover how we use local insights to get results in- market. These are just some of the brilliant brands and businesses we work with.
  6. 6. INTERNATIONAL OPPORTUNITY Growth in ecommerce . Barriers to entry . Our challenge
  7. 7. Growth in ecommerce 7 $ 2 Trillion by 2016 18% growth rate Asia, LATAM
  8. 8. Growth is driven by 8 Increase in purchasing power Rise of an affluent consumer class
  9. 9. Growth is driven by 9 Hyper growth in demand for and adoption of digital technology Smartphone 21% 36% Multimedia phone 44% Feature phone 21% 36% 44% 21% 10% 80% 9% 66% 25%
  10. 10. Barriers to entry 10 Localised markets Payment systems Logistics Tax, duties and other compliance requirements
  11. 11. Our challenge 11 Localised shopping experience Integrated brand development Prioritisation
  12. 12. BIDDABLE CAN
  13. 13. Biddable can 13 Inherent features Cultural approach to marketing Integrated digital marketing strategy
  14. 14. Biddable Media 14 Flexibility of reach – Pay Per Click Measurability – direct response channels Optimisation in real time
  15. 15. FOCUS ON CULTURE Learn to immerse yourself in culture when you get to work!
  16. 16. 16 Digital persona
  17. 17. The right context 17 Contextual and intent Powerful 1st party insights: • Behavioural factors • Demographic data Phrase Language Volume cheap flights EN 4,400 cheap flight EN 880 voli low cost IT - EN 246,000 voli economici IT 33,100 offerte voli IT 22,200 compagnie low cost IT 14,800
  18. 18. The right ‘people’ 18 Integrated with 3rd party information: • Audience segmentation and modelling • Target and validate audiences
  19. 19. Glocalising ads 19 Global brand values Localised for cultural resonance
  20. 20. Optimise engagement 20 • • • •
  21. 21. 21 Optimise content Amazon France Amazon Japan
  22. 22. 22 Optimise conversion
  23. 23. 23 Optimise conversion
  24. 24. Optimise conversion 24 Different from winners for SEO and direct traffic 40% increase in PPC conversation rate
  25. 25. Prioritise investment 25 Cross-channel, cross-device Audience insights Offline data integration
  26. 26. 26 Planning prioritisation Unique touch points per market Invest based on value of interaction Brazil – Business Category US – Business Category
  27. 27. 27 Integrated local strategy Display Interactions TV Social Interaction Affiliates Search Awareness Consideration Intent Decision 27
  28. 28. Biddable wins 28 Stay true to tenets of Biddable Media View of customer journey holistically Understand the local market Set ‘people’ at the heart of brand strategy
  29. 29. Website: Telephone: +44 (0) 1273 704 434 Email: Twitter: @ObanSearch