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Episciences, an epijournal management platform


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présentation de Christine Berthaud, Journées de Meudon - La loi numérique et après ?, Meudon, 9 novembre 2016

Published in: Science
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Episciences, an epijournal management platform

  1. 1., AN EPIJOURNAL MANAGEMENT PLATFORM Christine Berthaud - 09/11/16 - Journées de Meudon – La loi numérique et après ?
  2. 2. A multifaceted open archive : o Plateform for the institutional archives o Plateform for the thematic archives (HAL-SHS…) o Archive for theses (TEL) o Archive for visual and audio data, videos (MediHAL) o an overlay publication platform o A platform for facilitating the steps of conference organization CCSD activities
  3. 3. ALTERNATIVE TO EXISTING MODELS: THE EPI-JOURNALS • is a platform for creating and hosting scientific journals. • Built above open archives, composed of articles deposited in HAL, arXiv… • Editorials Committees organize the activity of evaluation and scientific discussion, the peer- reviewing.
  4. 4. Episciences : process
  5. 5. Episciences : published paper Article published in the journal
  6. 6. Episciences : published paper Article in the open archive
  7. 7. The first journals DMTCS JDMDH JIPS HRJ JIMIS EPIGA Three other titles in preparation
  8. 8. ULTIMATELY, WHAT IS CHANGING? • O A, HAL provide the guarantee of sustainability of metadata, data and documents (CINES) • The submission of the article: first diffusion in pre- print • Even refused, it remains accessible in OA • Added value to archives • Scientific communities at the heart of the system • Free for the reader and the institution • The authors retain all their economic rights in their articles.
  9. 9. Thanks for your attention ! Contact : CCSD website : About Episciences : Give it a try : Papers available on HAL : •Episciences: an overlay publication platform, ELPUB 2014 •Episciences IAM : un projet éditorial entre rupture et continuité, ICOA 2014, Retour d’expérience sur le lancement de l’Epijournal de Géométrie Algébrique (Epiga)