Strand 2: Onix for OA Books by Graham Bell, Editeur


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Strand 2: Onix for OA Books by Graham Bell, Editeur

  1. 1. ONIX for OA Books Open Access Books and the Supply Chain Graham Bell EDItEUR London, 1st–2nd July 2013
  2. 2. About EDItEUR • not-for-profit membership organisation • develops, supports and promotes metadata and identification standards for the book, e-book and serials supply chains • based in London, with a global membership of publishers, distributors, wholesalers, subscription agents, retailers, libraries, system vendors, rights organizations and trade associations • acknowledged centre of expertise on standards and metadata for the industry
  3. 3. About ONIX • the key international metadata standard for the commercial book supply chain • widely used throughout North America, Europe, Japan, Russia, with early implementations in China, India and parts of the Arabic world • developed originally by the AAP, but the standard is now managed by EDItEUR • EDItEUR membership supports development
  4. 4. About ONIX • an open standard – documentation and XML tools free of charge, no fees payable for use, covered by highly-permissive licence and a transparent governance process • supports the business needs of a wide range of stakeholders through entire supply chain • two versions in current use – ONIX 2.1 and ONIX 3.0 • 2.1 is more widely deployed in UK and US • 3.0 enables richer description of e-books
  5. 5. <Contributor> <SequenceNumber>1</SequenceNumber> <ContributorRole>A01</ContributorRole> <NameIdentifier> <NameIDType>16</NameIDType> <IDValue>0000000116216947</IDValue> </NameIdentifier> <PersonNameInverted>Peach, Ceri /PersonNameInverted ProfessionalAffiliation AffiliationUniversity of Oxford/Affiliation /ProfessionalAffiliation /Contributor 3.0
  6. 6. Issues for OA monographs • product identification and reporting • crediting funders • treat funders like publishers, not like authors • links to licences • could be CC, or might be a bespoke licence • free of charge products • links between e-book and print versions
  7. 7. ProductIdentifier ProductIDType15/ProductIDType IDValue9780007120765/IDValue /ProductIdentifier
  8. 8. Publisher PublishingRole01/PublishingRole PublisherNameSpringer/PublisherName /Publisher Publisher PublishingRole16/PublishingRole PublisherNameWellcome Trust/PublisherName /Publisher
  9. 9. SupportingResource ResourceContentType99/ResourceContentType ContentAudience00/ContentAudience ResourceMode04/ResourceMode ResourceVersion ResourceForm01/ResourceForm ResourceLink licenses/by-sa/3.0/deed.en_GB/ResourceLink /ResourceVersion /SupportingResource 3.0
  10. 10. UnpricedItemType01/UnpricedItemType
  11. 11. RelatedProduct ProductRelationCode27/ProductRelationCode ProductIdentifier ProductIDType15/ProductIDType IDValue9780007120765/IDValue /ProductIdentifier /RelatedProduct
  12. 12. Status of these changes • the small number of necessary additions described are currently ‘proposals’ • should be ratified by ONIX national groups, added to next revision of the codelists and the Implementation and Best Practice Guide • discussing potential for simple ‘OA flag’ for marketing purposes • licence link is workable, but a better option is to include with UsageConstraints • may be added to ONIX 3.0.2 (~January 2014)
  13. 13.