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Strand 3: Doris Haslinger, Austrian Science Fund


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Strand 3: Doris Haslinger, Austrian Science Fund

  2. 2. Open Access Book Funding by the Austrian Science Fund - FWF London 2nd of July 2013 Doris Haslinger Stand-Alone Publications 2
  3. 3. FWF- Funding Program for Scientific Publications  Stand-alone Publications: for scientific publications (like monographs, collections,…) of all scientific areas between 2009 and 2011 the applicants and publishers could decide whether they want to archive the electronic version open access since the end of 2011 funding of scientific publications is generally contingent on the fulfillment of the open access obligation 3
  4. 4. Open Access-book funding by FWF December 2011: new guidelines for stand-alone publications  Lump-sum grant up to EUR 14,000.00 for production, simultaneous open access publication and editing  Lump-sum grant up to EUR 18,000.00 for production, simultaneous open access publication and foreign language editing or translation  Additional grant up to EUR 2,000.00 if the publisher itself conducts the peer review no funding if applicants or publishers refuse to publish open access calculations for costs are not necessary publishers are extremely interested in our funding program 4
  5. 5. Open Access-book funding by FWF  Improve the quality Funding of peer review: stimulate the publishers to establish their own „Peer Review System“ Funding of editing and foreign language editing: improve the quality of the publications  Force the visibility and the impact in the international scientific community Funding of translation: makes the publication more visible to the scientific community, especially outside of Austria and the German speaking countries. Funding of Open Access: scientific outcomes are noticed by a wider audience, publishers become more visible internationally 5
  6. 6. FWF-E-Book-Library – Archiving  Not successful on the webpage of the publisher - the open access publication remained more or less hidden.  FWF-E-Book-Library: open access repository for all stand-alone publications funded by the FWF: 6
  7. 7. FWF-E-Book-Library  Online since August 2012  Technical support via Phaidra  April 2012: letter to 600 authors and 70 publishers  August 2012: start with scanning and uploading FWF funded books published since 2000  June 2013: approximately 190 books online  Archiving of books published since 2000  Archiving of all new publications  Archiving under CC-Licenses  Export the digital books and metadata to OAPEN-Library, DOAB and EUROPEANA 7
  8. 8. FWF-E-Book-Library 8
  9. 9. FWF-E-Book-Library in the OAPEN-Library 9
  10. 10. FWF-E-Book-Library in DOAB 10
  11. 11. FWF-E-Book-Library in EUROPEANA 11
  12. 12. Ideas for the future  Improve the quality Certification for publishers with successful quality control and quality improvement  Force the visibility and the impact in the international scientific community Force English publications: obligatory translation into English for some publications For Open Access only CC-BY or CC-BY-NC  Deal with new forms of publication 12
  13. 13. Thank you for your attention!  FWF-E-Book-Library:  Open Access Policy:  Peer-Reviewed Publications:  Stand-alone Publications: 13