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The Smart Blue-Green Roof - A SynchroniCity project


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Presentation given by Jo Deketelaere, Greenbeat, at Open & Agile Smart Cities' annual Connected Smart Cities & Communities Conference 2020 on 23 January in Brussels, Belgium

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The Smart Blue-Green Roof - A SynchroniCity project

  1. 1. RainBrain The Smart Blue-Green Roof A SynchroniCity project piloting in Antwerp and Eindhoven
  2. 2. Adaptation to climate change, urbanization and loss of biodiversity are just some of the challenges challenging the future of cities.
  3. 3. Blue-green infrastructure: A network of landscape elements to manage water (blue) and to bring back vegetation (green) is an important climate adaptation tool for cities: Stormwater management, Urban Heat Island Effect, Cleaner air, Biodiversity, …
  4. 4. Hard weather conditions and periods of droughts give green roofs a hard time. How can we keep green roofs healthy? Can we optimize water storage capacity and reduce flood risk? The start of RainBrain:
  5. 5. RainBrain uses sensors, actuators , weather data and analytics to monitor plant health, current and future water availability RainBrain test sites in Antwerp upper 2 and test facility in Oslo (lower)
  6. 6. 1. Predictive maintenance Sensors monitor green roof health and water availability 2. Use water when needed The model predicts water needs and RainBrain irrigates automatically. Healthier roofs, save water 3. Anticipate on storms Empty water buffers pro- actively reduces run-off during storms and mitigates urban floods RainBrain: healthier roofs and reduced flood risk
  7. 7. Simulation results: runoff from a single roof in Antwerp Peakrunofftowardsthesewersystem [l/m²in30minutes] Return period [years] Runoff to the sewer system due to a storm that hits once every 50 years Green roof – without control 15 l/m2 in 30’ Green roof – with intelligent control 7 l/m2 in 30’ Bare roof (without green) 28 l/m2 in 30’
  8. 8. SynchroniCity common ground allows for a network of smart roofs • A network of green roofs and smart reservoirs mitigates floods and manages droughts. • Synchronicity: “develop once, deploy many times” • RainBrain was piloted in Antwerp and Eindhoven and can be quickly deployed in other cities using the same MIM approach • RainBrain uses open weather data from the cities open data platform and shares own measurements about vegetation and water availability • SynchroniCity creates the common ground or the MIMs to manage and share IoT –data (ecosystem management APIs) and data models (common language)
  9. 9. Vincent Wolfs Sumaqua Belgium +32 474 22 003 Jo Deketelaere Greenbeat Norway +47 94 17 70 56 Arnulf Refsnes Agilis Norway +47 98 21 94 94