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The Big Buyers Initiative


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Presentation given by Anja De Cunto, EUROCITIES, at Open & Agile Smart Cities' annual Connected Smart Cities & Communities Conference 2020 on 23 January in Brussels, Belgium

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The Big Buyers Initiative

  1. 1. Procurement? Boring no more! The big buyers initiative or how to move the market together towards higher social and environmental criteria! 23 January 2020 Anja De Cunto, funding and financing coordinator
  2. 2. By working together big buyers can move the market! 1) Achieve lower prices by buying in bigger quantities 2) Joint dialogue with the market for: ▪ Procuring products/services more targeted to their needs ▪ procuring new products with higher environmental and social standards 3) Learn and share on market engagement techniques, innovation procurement, circular procurement, etc, …
  3. 3. What is the Big Buyers Initiative? ▪ Collaboration between big buyers in Europe in strategic public procurement to help drive the market for innovative goods and services ▪ An initiative of the European Commission, DG Grow ▪ Managed by EUROCITIES and ICLEI
  4. 4. BBI working groups 3 working groups established Aim: Work together on shared procurement approaches, criteria, and messages to the market – to drive strategic change 1. Circular construction materials 2. Zero emission construction sites 3. Electric vehicles
  5. 5. Circular construction materials ▪Focus • Improving circularity in the construction sector by fomenting procurement of secondary or reusable construction materials ▪Possible outcomes: • Share criteria, methodologies and experiences in procuring circular construction • Joint market engagement event • Recommendations for higher level EU policy makers ▪The buyers • Vienna, Amsterdam, Haarlem, Rotterdam, Paris, Oslo, Stavanger, Helsinki, Vantaa, Lisbon, Porto, Brussels and Budapest
  6. 6. Zero-emission construction ▪Focus • Non-road mobile machinery ▪Possible outcomes: • City targets for zero emission construction sites between 2025 - 2030 • Local and European level market dialogue, preparing suppliers for new procurement requirements • Pilot procurements planned in Oslo, Helsinki, Copenhagen and Amsterdam ▪Buyers • Oslo, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Brussels Mobility and Trondheim
  7. 7. Electric heavy duty vehicles ▪Focus • Electrification of heavy-duty vehicles (waste trucks, street cleaning, heavy delivery) ▪Possible outcomes • Creating a platform for collaboration • Sharing specifications and tender criteria unique for the public sector • Joint market dialogue and engagement • Joint statement of demand ▪Buyers • Rotterdam, Oslo, Helsinki, Budapest, Lisbon, Belgian post, Malmo, Paris, Porto, Amsterdam, Stavanger
  8. 8. 30 October 2019 Kick off meeting, Rotterdam October 3) Joint statement of demand and final joint event February, platform is finalised and filled with information. Other entities can participate 4-8 May Market dialogue with suppliers during IFAT, Munich 28 November 2019 Market dialogue training, Oslo January 2020, Online meeting work update September 2020, Online meeting, getting ready for joint statement March/April 2020, Online meetings with suppliers on future technology plans 1) Sharing platform, development of standard procurement criteria and information sharing 2) Market dialogue 29 November 2019 2nd meeting, Oslo 5 March, study visit with supplier, focus on market engagement preparation Big Buyers Initiative – WG heavy duty electric vehicles timeline and objectives
  9. 9. More information on The Big Buyers Initiative is a European Commission Platform for promoting collaboration between big public buyers in implementing strategic public procurement