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Joining Forces for Innovative Procurement


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Presentation given by Frans Jorna, City of Almere, at Open & Agile Smart Cities' annual Connected Smart Cities & Communities Conference 2020 on 23 January in Brussels, Belgium

Published in: Technology
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Joining Forces for Innovative Procurement

  1. 1. Digital Floriade ALMERE Frans Jorna City of Almere ConcernDirector Digital City and innovation Connected Smart Cities and Communities Brussels, 23 January 2020 Joining forces for innovative procurement
  2. 2. ü links the international horticultural expo Floriade with urban development. ü is an international platform for knowledge exchange and celebrating international relations on growing green cities and digital innovation. ü makes it possible to realise long-term planned projects and stimulates sustainable innovation for Almere 2.0. ü supports to create greener and more liveable cities worldwide ánd in Almere. Expo 2022 Floriade Almere
  3. 3. Almere’s Digital Floriade 4D Geo Information Model to serve as a ‘digital twin’ to the International Horticultural Expo Floriade 2022 Foundation for: 1. Digital collaboration beween participants (from engineering to maintenance to services – and publication 2. Area development 3. Enhanced event experience before, during and after the event 4. Data-driven policymaking and innovation (logistics, asset management, energy- management, crowd control, mobiliity, parkmanagement
  4. 4. 4D open data platform (past/future/current) Exchange in open data format Floriade integrated area model Foto/video communication Mobility, crowd control 3D printing maquette Third party use Gaming / VR / RM Information apps Analysis Control Room (BI, AI, ..)Augmented /mixed reality Linked (open) data, OASC API’s Bouwinformatie Docstream documents Relatics Structured tekst data CAD/BIM Datamodels Geodata input LAS 3D2D POI Data management Geodata BIM Pointclouds Textures Visualisations Objects Characteristics Structured data Output IFC City GML .obj API’s ü SO ü VO ü DO ü OA ü AB Status & OK Manage ment Engineering (3D infra, BIM) Terrain (2D, 3D) (3D) sourcefiles BIM IFC Documents DOC TXT 3000 trees & shrubs (3D) Pointclouds (drones) Basic registries(3D) LAS CityGML 3D Vector tiles obj (real-time) Object and subject data of diverse open sources Sensor- data (IoT) Social Media( LBS) Trees & shrubs 70.000 species Circular materials passport Visitors, attractions, events City bylaws
  5. 5. 2019 2022 2023 -> Area development Design-Build-Finance-Maintain-Operate collaboration, construction, logistics, permits Floriade Expo IoT-devices, game, AR/VR, iStreets) crowd management, safety/security Hortus Quarter 3D planning, education, asset&energymanageme planning & maintenance
  6. 6. When building a digital twin that is operable in 2022…. • Making sure it is interoperable with sister cities dataplatforms (Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Hilversum, national roads engineering agency) • Making sure you adopt proven yet cutting edge technology …. • … that will be maintained and innovated for years to come • One multipurpose infrastructure for multiple usecases that adds to and builds on existing layers • Building a consortium (connectivity, area development, service delivery) • Safety, security, trust by design requires concertation (eID, triple helix digital trust framework) • Avoiding vendor lock-in • Serviced by seasoned operators • Contracting by individual cities, joint upscaling by individual cities, • Frontrunners (cities, business) tackle practical obstacles together. 7
  7. 7. Dutch standard: Practical Guideline Open Urban Platforms Standards and Regulations 8 EIP-SCC Open Urban Platforms TM FORUM A guideline building further on existing standards, with practical tips & trics, examples and how to start. Key ingredients: • Governance • Explaining current standards • Interoperability & data portability • Use Cases (illustrated with Mobility as a Service) • Implementation guide • Examples • Hilversum Smart City Platform
  8. 8. Content Preview Standards and Regulations 9 Case Studies from: - Rotterdam - Utrecht - Eindhoven - HIlversum
  9. 9. You’re welcome to be part!