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OAPEN-UK presentation at IHR event, London, 2013


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OAPEN-UK presentation at IHR event, London, 2013

  1. 1. Informed Decisions on the Future of OA Scholarly Monograph Publishing in HSS Caren Milloy, Head of Projects, JISC Collections @oapenuk #oapenuk
  2. 2. HEFCE consultation @oapenuk #oapenuk
  3. 3. Evidence & consultation RHS: Letter from the President: OA Publishing, Jan 13 • “insufficient consultation” • “Failing to acknowledge key differences between the research and publication landscape in HSS” • “Monograph publication has cardinal importance in HSS” • “Far from policy being evidence-based for the HSS, it appears to be evidence-free” • “Haste and lack of consultation” OAPEN-UK – OA monographs in HSS • Funded by the AHRC and Jisc • Highly collaborative and consultative project • Aims to provide stakeholders with a well-researched evidence base to ensure that decisions regarding a move to an OA model are based on knowledge and understanding of the UK HSS scholarly environment and the perceptions, processes and policies within it @oapenuk #oapenuk
  4. 4. Which business model? • Why explore OA monograph publishing? – ‘The case of monograph publication and its sustainability is of particular concern to the academic community’ – Drop in print runs /sales from 2000 – 200 – An important research communication channel – Helps to establish reputation for early career researchers @oapenuk #oapenuk
  5. 5. Active authors funding
  6. 6. @oapenuk #oapenuk 58 HSS titles: 2006 - 2011 Experimental Group (29 titles) Control Group (29 titles) OA with CC licence OAPEN Library Publishers website Institutional Repository Google Books (100%) Standard e-book agreements Publishers website E-book aggregators Google Books (10%) Print version available for sale E-book device friendly version available for sale Analyse sales and usage data to assess impact of OA
  7. 7. Which licensing model?
  8. 8. Don’t let misconceptions rule
  9. 9. Thank you & Further Info OAPEN-UK website: http://oapen- Twitter: @oapenuk Diigo Group: OAPEN-UK Caren Milloy c.milloy@jisc- Twitter: @carenmilloy @oapenuk #oapenuk