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Open Access monographs and impacts on publisher workflows, ALPSP 2013 conference


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Presentation on initial findings from the interviews with publishers conducted as part of the OAPEN-UK project. This presentation highlights some of the key pressure points, identifies where workflows need adaptation and presents recommendations on best practice processes to help publishers transition to open access monograph publishing.

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Open Access monographs and impacts on publisher workflows, ALPSP 2013 conference

  1. 1. Open Access monographs and impacts on publisher workflows Caren Milloy, Head of Projects, Jisc Collections @oapenuk #oapenuk
  2. 2. The research programme 1.How policies, processes and mechanisms need to change in order to enable OA publication of monographs? (4 year research programme) 2.What are the measurable effects of a move to OA monographs? (3 year pilot) 3.How do perceptions of OA monograph publication change among participants during the project? (authors, publishers, funders) @oapenuk #oapenuk
  3. 3. In-depth interviews Publisher Interviews with 8 – 10 publishers including OA and Ups - initial findings (not yet complete) - focused on practical issues including workflows and systems - sharing insights - subset of the interviews
  4. 4. Insights 1. Editorial (with a bit of legal) 2. Sales and Marketing 3. Workflows and Systems 4. Lessons for us all?
  5. 5. Editorial (with a bit of legal) • • • • • Company mission and values Cost recovery Tending authors Timescales Costings
  6. 6. Editorial (with a bit of legal) • • • • Quality and selection Contracts and legal What about green? Awareness
  7. 7. Author priorities
  8. 8. Sales and Marketing • • • • What am I selling? Intermediaries and Vendors Opps I already sold that title! Sales predictions / speculation
  9. 9. Sales and Marketing • Why bother, we’ve got the money • A new way to engage • New measures of success
  10. 10. Processes and Systems • • • • In-house v purchased Standards adoption Timings Scalability
  11. 11. Lessons for us all? • • • • • • • Get your project team set up now Question every process Internal corporate education Think about standards now not later Map the timescales for the models Think about what success would look like Participate in experiments
  12. 12. Thank you & Further Info OAPEN-UK website: Caren Milloy Twitter: @oapenuk Twitter: @carenmilloy Diigo Group: OAPEN-UK @oapenuk #oapenuk